Bamboo Door Curtains - Door Way Beads

Get That Rustle When You Walk Through The Door Way. 

Beaded door curtains create a sensation of openness within a home while still keeping the rooms separate and the areas of the home somewhat private. They generate a vibe of relaxation and somehow bring the feeling of holidays and beach into your home. 

Better yet, they bring an awesome splash of colour into your home and create a cool rustle noise when walking through the doorway. You'll fall in love with your bamboo door way beads just like Bernard Black does. 

We stock and source heaps of different designs from all over the world and are always adding new designs to our collection. Each door way curtain is hand painted and is a unique piece of art that will make your home that little bit cooler. Along with the decor and positive vibe benefits bamboo curtains bring to the table they are also eco-friendly, durable, easy to clean and keep the flies and insects out of your home while still allowing the breeze to flow through. 

Bamboo Doorway Beads

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