Our New Range Of Hippie Bags

A beautiful high quality cotton draw string backpack that features a tie dye green tree of life design. 

An awesome hippie backpack that radiates peace and love. This handmade bag is awesome for going into town or when you're off to the festivals.  

As promised 2017 for The Hippie House is a year of drastic change. With a pull of over 300 different new products, hippie clothes and bags were on the list. And with that being said we've just received our first batch of hippie bags and we're over the moon with their quality. 

So if you're in need or want to buy a new hippie bag or backpack your stars have aligned. 

We also can't wait to add more hippie, boho and hobo bags to our collection and already underway in arranging a new selection within the next coming months. But for now, we have 20 awesome hippie and boho bags you can choose from. There are cotton draw string backpacks, hippie shoulder bags, rasta bags and some cool patchwork bags.  You can checkout some of our range below, or if you want to start shopping just click here:

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Cotton Drawstring Backpack - Green Man


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