The Best 30 Leather Journals You Can Buy Online

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The Best 30 Leather Journals You Can Buy Online

The Most Beautiful Leather Journals And Diaries You Can Buy Online

Are you a writer? Author? Poet? Wordsmith? .. well then keep reading. 

Do you care about the words you write - and the way you write them? Are you eager to have your words kept safe in a beautiful, cool leather journal or diary? Well you've landed on the right page!

Here at the Hippie House we appreciate writers, poets and authors and have put together a blog post showing the best 30 leather journals money can buy. A large portion of our leather and aluminium journals have been professionally hand crafted. The covers attain real leather to bring forth a unique, personalised feel as well as ensuring you receive a long lasting book that will last throughout the ages.

All our journals / diaries can be used as leather travel journals, notebooks, sketchpads, personal & private diaries, data entry books, recipe books, memory pads,  & so much more. We've even recently had a business owner who keeps track of her stock in one of our beautiful, tree of life leather journals!

So without further adieu - let's start with the top 10 leather journals. 

Top 10 Leather Journals

1. Skull Leather Journal


 2. Snakeskin Leather JournalSnake Skin Leather Journal

3. Green Hemp Leaf Leather Journal

4. Brown Leather Journal With Pencil AttachmentLeather Journal With Pencil Holder

5. Celtic Cross Leather JournalCeltic Cross Leather Journal

6. Black Pentagram Leather Journal Pentagram Leather Journal

7. Dream Catcher Leather Journal

Dream Catcher Leather Journal

8. Green Tree Of Life Leather JournalGreen Tree Of Life Leather Journal

9. Celtic Leather Journal Celtic Leather Journal

10. Stone Eye Leather JournalLeather Journal With Stone Eye

If you'd like to continue browsing leather journals you can visit our online store to view our whole collection. We're always adding new journals to our collection so if you don't find anything that tickles your fancy today it may be worthwhile checking back in a week or two. 

Click here to shop leather journals now.

If you have any questions regarding our journals feel free to contact us and one of our friendly staff members will assist you. Click the link below to access our contact page. 

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