Unit Farm LED Grow Lights

Unit Farm make quality indoor hydroponic growing equipment including LED grow lights and indoor grow tents. Their UFO range of LED grow lights are made with the best CREE and Osram LED chips which have proven to give plants massive growth and growers massive yields. They also feature state of the art reflectors which blend the wavelengths together while directing the light down onto your plants. 

Having confidence within their lights and with 10 years of experience in the LED grow light industry Unit Farm also offer three year warranties on all their lights. At The Hippie House we are authorized distributors of Unit Farm and their range of hydroponics here in Australia. This means we personally deal with you if anything ever goes wrong and our friendly team will get your problem resolved asap. 

Unit Farm's grow tents are also nothing but the best in both quality and functionality. Made with the utmost care their grow tents match the quality of the world famous Gorilla Grow Tents

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