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Ahsan Sensuality Aura Perfume Oil - 8ml

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Ahsan Sensuality Aura Perfume Oil - 1X 8ml Perfume Bottle

When you need your senses to be truly alive and alert, you need an aura that will set your senses ablaze. Ahsan Sensuality Aura, is the right fragrance to ignite your senses and shake them awake with their musky floral fragrance. As each note slowly makes its presence felt, it touches a part of you and awakens it. The musky notes arouse your desire, to be touched and loved. The floral notes that follow help to set the stage for relaxed play. The earthy end notes, help to induce a sense of fulfillment. Just a few drops of Sensuality Aura will take you on a journey of senses like none other before.