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Aqua One Precision 12000 Air Pump Starter Kit (13pc)

Aqua One Precision 12000 Air Pump Starter Kit (13pc) 1x Aqua One Precision 12000 Air Pump The Precision range of air pumps have defied the odds and become an institution which the aquatic trade refuses to let go of. Their time proven reliability has ensured the sales keep coming even in the face of stiff competition. Available in outputs of 60 - 800 litres of air per hour, they cover most requirements of today’s average sized aquariums. Features: High quality robust units that have been built to last Silent operation Simple diaphragm replacement 2 + 1 Year Guarantee Spare Parts: 41208 - Diaphragm - 9500/12000 Precision 45111 - Flapper Valve - Precision, Ap(10/pk) Additional Info Item Code: 10048 Decription: 12000 Precision Airpump Max Flow Rate: 800L/hr Speed Control: Yes No. of Outlets: Four Wattage: 9.4W Voltage: 240V/50Hz x4 AQUA ONE AIR STONE 2 INCH/5CM (10136) Aqua One airstones are long lasting and provide excellent aeration in cold water, tropical or marine set ups. You can position them anywhere in your aquarium and even bury them in the substrate or under an ornament. A stream of fresh, silvery bubbles enhances any set up. x4 AQUA ONE AIRLINE CHECK VALVE (10121) Aqua One Air Line Check Valve protects your air pumps from water damage. AquaOne check valve protects your fish tank air pumps from back-siphoning water or tank draining that may occur with power outages or air pump malfunctions. A quick and easy solution to prevent a costly clean-up. Use one check valve for each air pump outlet.