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Aqua One ProSkim G216 Protein Skimmer

AQUA ONE PROSKIM SKIMMERS G216 Do you have a Saltwater Tank with a Protein issue. Now maintaining the perfect aquarium quality has never been so simple. Aqua One ProSkim Protein Skimmers are designed to easily and effectively remove organic waste from aquarium water. The needle wheel impeller increases the contact area, maximizing efficiency by creating large amounts of water bubbles. The simple, accurate control allows you to adjust the output quickly and easily. The result is cleaner, clearer water and healthier aquarium inhabitants The Aqua One Skimmer will also help cool your water and at the same time aerate, creating a better environment for your tank inhabitants. All this without any work or adjustments from you leaving you more time to enjoy your aquatic creation. 2 + 1 YEAR AUSTRALIAN WARRANTY