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Aqua One Vege Algae Wafers Fish Food 1kg

Aqua One Vege Wafers 1kG 10mm Do you have herbivores fish and you want to make sure that they get a complete diet without compromising your water quality? Herbivorous fish species require a much higher amount of plant and algae matter in their diet. Aqua Fish Foods quality fish food provides the best nutrition for your fish. Aqua One 's Vege Discs have been specially formulated to be as close as possible to what your fish would eat in their natural environment. This will give them good resistance to common diseases associated with a normal commercial diet. Aqua One Vege Discs has been formulated with spirulina, which is natural algae for your fish. This has been proven to be beneficial against stress and common diseases. When your fish are healthy and stress-free it will also enhance their vivid natural coloring. Aqua One Vege Discs are ideal for fish like Sucker mouth Catfish, and Plectosomus FORMULATED FOR BOTTOM FEEDERS