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Cal-Mag Calcium Magnesium Supplement 950ml | Plant Growth Nutrient by Emerald Harvest

Emerald Harvest Cal-Mag will keep your plants well nourished, productive and green with a balanced blend of calcium and magnesium.
Containing top quality ingredients, Cal-Mag is designed to supplement crop nutrition with calcium and magnesium and create the conditions for heavy yields. It supplies essential elements that may encourage growth and plant development, promote chlorophyll production and activate enzymes your plants need to uptake nutrients.


  • Cal-Mag is especially important for pre-empting deficiencies when growing in certain media, such as coco coir, but any garden can benefit.
  • Lush, vibrant, green growth and plant development
  • Optimal chlorophyll production to support photosynthesis
  • Less risk of calcium or magnesium deficiencies due to coco coir 
  • Cal-Mag nourishes crops with supplemental calcium and magnesium, fostering the right conditions for abundant flowering and a heavy yield.
  • Calcium, which helps hold cell walls and membranes together
  • Magnesium, the central atom of the chlorophyll molecule
  • Kelp, a rich, natural source of proteins and biocatalysts
  • Size: 950ml
  • Appearance: dark brown to black liquid.
  • Aroma: like beach saltwater
  • Texture: mildly viscous and a bit oily

Package Includes:

1x Emerald Harvest 950ml Cal-Mag.