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EBISU Doraemon Children's Wide Head Toothbrush (Above 6 Years Old) 3 Pack x10

I'm Dora Emon Toothbrush 6 years old (I'm Dora Emon Toothbrush I'm Dora Emon Haburashi Aimdora Emon Haburashi 6 years old or older Ordinary Futsu) / Toothbrush / Electric Toothbrush / [Distributor, Manufacturer, Importer or Distributor] Ebisu / [Imdora Emon Toothbrush 6-year-old product details] ● Wide * thin head design that reduces unpolished residue. ● Because the toothbrush has a wide head, even children who are unfamiliar with brushing will have less leftovers. ● The thin head with reduced thickness makes it easy to operate even in a small mouth and reaches narrow gaps and back teeth. ● By flocking the tip, you can firmly polish the back teeth and the meshing surface, which are prone to tooth decay. / cate75078