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FOELLIE Feminine Care Hygiene Cleanser | Inner Perfume (5ml Foret)

[FOELLIE] Eau De Inner Perfume


Feminine perfume for underwear removes odor from your underwear or sanitary pad,
keeping you refreshed all day long, even through the most sensitive days.
This perfume not only removes odor, but also help reduce secretions, thanks to its 99% antibacterial effect.
It is free from 26 allergy inducing ingredeints, to guarantee a safe use.


1. [Miel-Strawberry]
Cute but elegant and attractive fruity floral scent

A special fresh and comfortable scent like the confession of an island lady.

A Peach light sweet scent remembrance of purity.

Sweet and sweet scent like Tiffany Fairy dance.

Violet scent like the letter of love of eucalyptus.

Elegant and graceful scent that catches your eye.

A refreshing healing scent of fresh morning forest.

How to use

Drop it one or two times to the underwear during menstrual daily.
You can also use this as general perfume.
Please avoid using pregnant women.

Package Include

1pack( 5ml Inner Perfume)