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POLA B.A Eye Zone Cream (26g)

A springy-textured cream*7 that firms and lifts the eyes, creating a 3D effect.

A dense and rich cream that moisturises, firms, and lifts the skin around the eyes.
Uses a completely new level of intense moisturising, to achieve firmness and a 3D effect that makes the eyes stand out.

How to use

1. Use it in the morning and evening after cleansing and conditioning the skin with lotion.
2. Morning: About a pearl-sized amount for both eyes.
3. Night: About a pearl-sized amount for each eye.
4. Place the cream evenly in six dots around each eye. Then starting from the eye's inner corner and moving upward in the direction of the temple, gently work the cream into the eye area using large strokes as if lifting it upwards. Using the entire fleshy pads of your fingers, spread the cream so that it covers the wider eye zone area.
5. After blending the cream into the eye zone area in upward strokes, finish by lightly pressing the remaining cream into your temples for 3 seconds, as if you are programming your brain to memorise the process.