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Pond One Claritec 15000 UVC Filter

A Pond Filter That Can Take the Pressure and Deliver Results. The Claritec 15000UVC is suitable for shaded ornamental ponds to a maximum of 15000 litres, Goldfish ponds to a maximum of 7500 litres, koi or heavily stocked to a max. of 3700 litres. A garden pond is a place to relax, unwind and enjoy nature. To keep your garden pond looking beautiful you require reliable and effective filter technology. Pond One has developed ClariTec, a pond filter that requires minimal maintenance effort whilst delivering astonishing filter results to give you more time to enjoy your pond. Some Key Features of the Claritec Pressure Filter Solid Construction: Deep Cleaning Power Greater Filter Volume Includes CeramiSub Advanced Filter Media Supplied with all Hose Connections 2 + 1 year Guarantee Built in UVC (11w) for Algae removal ClariTec Pond One is a pressurised pond filter with a real feel of quality. The Construction is solid and the media content is convincing. Designed to withstand pressures of up to 0.5 bar the ClariTec can be hidden in the ground beside the pond and then return the filtered pond water back via a waterfall perhaps. The integrated back flow system can be activated by the control dial. This reverses the flow and washes out most sediment and debris which has built up over time. A hose pipe can be connected to the 'waste' outlet to take the dirt away from the filter to the drain or the garden. The big advantage of this type of cleaning is that the "kill" off of beneficial bacteria during the cleaning process is significantly reduced. Occasionally more thorough cleaning will become necessary. Simply flick the safety catch on the sealing clamp and the chunky release mechanism can be opened. The filter head can then be removed and the media washed out. Max Flow Rate - 15000 L/PH Fitting Size - 19-37mm Wattage - 13w Size - Height 66cm Diameter 39cm Cable Length - 10m Requires pump 7500-15000 L/PH