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Pond One Claritec 5000UV Pressure Filter

POND ONE CLARITEC CANISTER FILTER 5000UV Whether you are thinking about creating a Pond, and want to effortlessly maintain it or whether you own a pond but it looks more like a green algae swamp instead of a sparkling water feature. Then the Pond One range of Pond Filters is your solution, with reliable and effective filter technology. The Pond One requires minimal maintenance whilst delivering astonishing filter results. ClariTec UV pond filter pressurized pond filter is a well-constructed Pond Filter designed to last in harsh outdoor conditions. Filled with a great and effective range of filter media to provide great filtration and cleaning of your pond. The Claritec 10000UVC Pond Filter has a combination of 3 grades of high-quality sponge pads and Claritec's unique Ceramisub substrate and holds biological and nitrification qualities. A further advantage over many other brands of pressurized filters is the UV-C ballast is remote from the filter unit with 10 meters of cable from the filter to the weatherproof ballast.. The filtration process is as follows: Mechanical Filtration - First your water is passed through a coarse sponge to remove any floating dirt and debris. Biological Filtration - In this stage the water passes through very porous volcanic rock, which is the perfect home for good bacteria vital to the health of your fish. UV Filtration - This Unique style canister has a UV bulb built-in. While water is exposed to UV rays in the filter, harmful bacteria, as well as water born algae, are destroyed resulting in a happier healthier pond that is crystal clear. The cleaning of your Pond filter is easy. Just flick the switch and your pond filter will backwash. The benefit to this system is that you do not have to remove the media, which creates a mess and minimise the disturbance of the beneficial bacteria. 2 + 1 YEARS AUSTRALIAN WARRANTY