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Pond One ClearTec UVC Filter/Sterilizer 36W

Pond One ClearTec UVC Filter / Sterilizer 36W The Pond One Professional Ultra Violet Clarifier is ideal for destroying water born algae and solving green water problems. Its robust construction will ensure a long life. Multiple hose connections. Can be mounted on wall or filter box. Outlet can be rotated to adjust to local set up requirements. Pond One UV-C devices ensure a clear and healthy environment for your fish. Water is pumped through the UV-C device where it is exposed to UV at a specific wave length. The wave length of the UV exposes virtually all organic, single celled algae and eradicates most harmful microorganisms to maximum UV radiation exposure. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Full Australian Plug 240V 3 Years Warranty Length 62.5cm Diameter 8.5cm Wattage 36w Fittings 25mm - 37mm Cable length 10m Maximum Flow 15000 L/PH