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Primera Peeling Facial Mild | Broccoli Sprout (150ml)

This mild peeling product sticks to and smoothly removes surface impurities and old dead skin cells, create a softer skin texture and brighter skin tone.

Three main ingredients:
Neem tree.
Chamomile extracrt.
Double adsorption system effectively removes skin wastes and dead skin cells, and film your skin immediately after exfoliation to protect the skin.
Gentle and mild facial peeing, suitable for sensitive skin.

6-Free formula:
Synthetic pigments
Artificial fragrance
Mineral oil
Animal raw materials
Imidazolidinyl urea
Dermatologically tested
Remove old and dead skin cells regularly helps to unclog the pores, prevent whiteheads and acne, and enhance skincare absorption.

Note: Suggested order for Primera products: Cleanser, Facial Mild Peeling, Essence, Serum, Mask, Cream.

How to use

In the morning or evening, take a suitable amount on the hands. Cleanse your face by gently massaging the peeling gel into the skin. Rinse off with warm water. Using the product once or twice a week is recommended.