The Hippie House - Hemp Wick Sale - Save On Hemp Wick Products

The Hippie House - Hemp Wick Sale - Save On Hemp Wick Products

What is hemp wick?

Hemp wick was created after the realization of the harmful effects that a lighter emits. The C4H10 (the building blocks behind butane) is extremely harmful to humans. For this reason alternatives were researched, and thus hemp wick was born. 

Hemp wick is a mix between hemp string and beeswax or other kinds of flammable wax - mostly beeswax though. 

What is it used for?

Hemp wick can be used to light just about anything - mainly used to light hookahs, tobacco pipes, camping grills, bongs, cigars and pilot lights. When using it for smoking purposes a lot of users say it preserves the flavours - especially in bongs and cigars - it also reduces the harshness and enhances the flavors as mentioned earlier - it is a main point so I had to repeat it sorry.

Want to trial Hemp Wick and see what all the hype is about? We stock one of the largest ranges of hemp wicks; sizes starting at 1m and going up to 75ms. There's four different brands we stock so you can trail them and see which one floats your boat.

The brands we stock are beeline hempwick, RAW hemp wick, humboldt hemp wick and I-tail hemp wick. There four brands are the most common and most recommended from our research.  


Click here to browse our range of hemp products. 


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