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Add Bud | 1L

Add Bud | 1L

Introducing AddBud - the revolutionary plant flower enhancer that guarantees to take your garden to the next level! With its unique chelating properties, Add Bud promotes anion and cation exchange resulting in superior cellular and microbial activity.

No more worries about unstable nutrient levels caused by poor quality or maintenance - Add Bud stabilizes nutrients against strong pH changes ensuring consistent and reliable results every time.

But dont just take our word for it - Add Bud has been put through rigorous independent testing and has proven to outperform other "so-called" flowering additives, producing significantly more growth and flower biomass.

Add Bud is the result of the latest laboratory research, meticulously blending the finest minerals to create a truly superior product. Don't settle for average results, take your garden to new heights with Add Bud!