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Song Of India - Frangipani Perfume Oil

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Song Of India - Frangipani Perfume Oil - 10ml Bottle

The oil that comes from Frangipani flower has a lush and rich flowery scent.  There are many varieties of Frangipani flowers available all over the world. Each one has its own unique flower and scent. Frangipani is a common ingredient in many fragranced soaps, massage oils, potpourris and candles. The flowers of this plant are even used in religious ceremonies in India and Indonesia. The Frangipani oil is a natural aphrodisiac. It allows you to connect passionately with your partner during intimacy. Frangipani is often used in making perfumes for its sensual aroma. Frangipani perfume oil can also promote inner peace and confidence.

Our Song Of India perfume oils are a high concentrated perfume which means the scent is long lasting. They have beautiful fragrances and the older they get the more pleasant the fragrance becomes. The Song Of India perfumes are unique in this way as they mature over time - just like a fine wine. All our bottles have already matured for around 3-7 years. 

Furthermore, these perfumes are a natural perfume made from non-alcoholic ingredients and materials. A healthy choice from the traditional perfumes and deodorants that are made with alcohol or aluminium.