Miron Glass

Miron glass preserves the quality of your products with it's unique characteristics filtering out damaging rays of sunlight to keep your products fresh for longer. Whether storing herbs, concentrates, tinctures or anything else, Miron violetglass increases shelf life, preserves active components and protects and revitalises potency.  

Dating back to ancient Egyptian times, violet glass has been used for keeping precious oils and natural healing products thanks to it's optimal storage properties. The distinctive dark violet colour of Miron glass comes from the small amount of visible light absorbed by the material, with damaging visible light being reflected while allowing portions of UVA and infrared lights to penetrate. The molecules of the products stored within Miron violetglass jars or containers are energised by these particular types of light on the spectrum, enhancing the qualities of your favourite herbs or tinctures.

With jars and bottles available in a range of shapes and sizes, Miron violetglass is the ultimate storage solution for your herbs, concentrates and tinctures.

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