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At The Hippie House, we strive to be the best hippie shop online and stock a wide range of goods from all over the world. We love being able to provide our customers things that are new, helpful and useful in life and we get a sense of joy when we hear our customers say, wow, I didn’t know that even existed! We also stock all the usual things you’d expect a hippie shop to have on the shelves including incense, perfumes, oils, herbs and herbal related items, gardening supplies including hydroponics, hippie and boho decor, clothing and of course natural and organic beauty items.

We pride ourselves on offering our customers exceptional service and will always put nothing but positive energy, and our very very best into our company. We love that people are able to come back and get the same service they are used to - year in and year out. Along with our customers come first policy, we also strive to only stock quality made goods. Our team of quality control experts are always very busy ensuring our customers only ever receive quality made goods when buying from us.

You can visit our online store 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all year round. You can also reach our support team via our online store and we do our best to have a response to you within under an hour or two (within business hours). You can ask us anything.. Anything! - and our team will do everything we can to leave you happy, your concerns resolved, questions answered and hopefully have you vibing on wards.

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