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May 16, 2016 2 min read

The Hippie House is a firm believer and supporter of hemp and hemp related products. This is why we sell hemp products - as we've experienced their amazing healing capabilities.

We support the Australian Hemp industry by stocking Australian Made hemp products.

We sell organic hemp hair products. Our hemp shampoo has a beautiful fragrance and nourishes you hair better than majority of shampoo's on the market. Most importantly it is organic so your body doesn't get contaminated by any chemicals or nasty bio-products. After you've shampooed your hair we highly recommend using our organic hemp hair conditioner. This will leave your hair soft and give it a beautiful long lasting shine. Once you start using our organic hemp shampoo and conditioner you won't go back - it's that amazing.

We also sell hemp lotions and hemp body washes. We sell our lotions in three different flavors - lavender, unscented and lemongrass. They're made in Australia from Australian grown hemp so if you buy our hemp body lotions you'll be supporting Australian farmers and the Australian Hemp Industry. If we all do this we will get rewarded with more organic hemp products from the manufacturers.

Our final shower product is our hemp soaps. Again they come in three flavors and scents - unscented, lemongrass and lavender. They're cheap and 100% organic so you have nothing to lose when buying our organic hemp soap.

Our best selling products are our organic hemp protein and our organic hemp oils. The nutritional contents of the hemp protein shocks everyone. It is a complete protein with all 10 essential amino acids and contains over 800mg of muscle building leucine per serve. We sell it in 500 gram packets and 1 kilogram packets. It also doesn't make you gassy or give you any digestive issues like other proteins. We've also got heaps in stock so if you ordered today you'd get your hemp protein as quick as tomorrow.

We stock a few different types of hemp oils - all in various sizes; from 250ml, 500ml and 1 litre bottles. All our hemp oil is guaranteed GMO free - organic and is cold pressed. the 500ml bottles have the goodness of over 30000 unhulled hemp seeds. 

With a whopping 17000mg of perfectly balanced omega oils per 20g serve our hemp oil is like no other. It contains essential GLA, SDA, antioxidant polyphenols, vitamin E, cholesterol-fighting phytosterols and 15 times as much fat fighting CLA as fish oil.

It's made by a 100% cold pressed extra virgin hemp seed oil using a unique vegan filtration process. It can be used for massage, as a facial moisturizer and other applications where you would ordinarily want to use highly nutritious oils.

We also sell additional hemp products like lip balm, face cream, healing cream and hemp wicks.

So if you're looking at buying some or trialing some hemp products - thehippiehouse.com.au is your one stop shop for all your hemp and herbal needs. 

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