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August 29, 2016 2 min read

20 Of The Best Wooden & Soapstone Boxes At The Hippie House

Wooden boxes have thousands of different uses, not to sound stupid but they can store pretty much anything that fits. Our boxes are generally used to store herbs, jewelry, tarot cards and other miscellaneous goods. They do a pretty good job at keeping moisture and sunlight out too so a lot of people use them to store dried sage and other incense botanicals

There are three major different boxes we stock. 

Firstly there are our complete handmade and hand carved wooden boxes. The dimensions for these boxes are 5 inches by 7 inches which puts them in the middle sized range of boxes we stock. Below are some examples of the outside carvings. 

1. Handmade & Hand Carved Wooden Boxes:

Om Wooden Carved Box

Black Pentagram Soapstone Box

Black Wooden Box With The Moon Goddess Printed On The Lid

Dragon Carved Wooden Box


Our second kind of boxes are our soapstone boxes. They're a high quality soapstone box with 4 specific etchings to choose from. Their dimensions are 4 inches by 4 inches and carry a little more weight due to the soapstone. Below are some of the designs you can choose from:

2. Soapstone Boxes

Chakra Soapstone Box

Goddess Soapstone Box

Om Soapstone Box

Pentagram Pentacle Soap Stone Box

Our third and final kind of boxes are our wooden boxes with a laser etched lid. The wood is professionally finished with a durable varnish inside and out - and better yet the inside contains a luxurious red velvet. These wooden boxes are typically used for keeping jewelry or other high end possessions safe and organised. We have a lot of different designs so we'll just cover the few favourites. 

3. Hand Polished Wooden Box With Laser Cut Lid

Aluminium Copper Plated Tree Of Life Box

Tree Of Life Wooden Box

Pentagram Wooden Box

Dragon Wooden Box

Lotus Carved Wooden Box

Ganesh Wooden Box

Celtic Wooden Carved Box


If you'd like to continue browsing more boxes similar to the ones you've viewed above we'd recommend visiting our website where you can view our whole collection and purchase one if it comes down to it. They're beautiful boxes and make the perfect accessory or gift. 

Visit our website to view the complete collection:



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