5 Amazing Benefits of White Sage

5 Amazing Benefits of White Sage

White sage incense is the ultimate spiritual healer.

The purifying scent of white sage has been enjoyed for thousands of years, dating back to ancient rituals of the Indigenous peoples of the Americas.  

These days, white sage is used all around in the world to clear out negative energies while bringing in positive ones.

The act of burning sage is also referred to as smudging, with white sage smudge sticks being an excellent alternative to hand-rolled incense.  

The heavenly aroma of this sacred herb can provide blessings to a space or object, as well as cleansing the mind and body.

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Where can I buy white sage?

At The Hippie House, we exclusively stock ethically sourced white sage either from the USA or right here in Australia.  

All of our USA-sourced white sage incense is sustainably harvested from legally approved areas in conjunction with the regulatory guidelines of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. The bushes are trimmed so that they can be re-harvested and continue to grow, with all pickers certified in compliance with California law.  

We source our Australian white sage from a large farm in the Snowy Mountains, where sage thrives on the cold climate. Grown naturally and hand-picked, the white sage cultivated here is completely organic and free from chemical sprays.

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    What are the benefits of white sage?

    While medical research on white sage is still in its early stages, there are a host of well-known benefits to burning this special herb. Recent studies have begun to investigate the use of white sage as a natural treatment for conditions like depression, cancer, heart disease and obesity.  

    While there are countless properties of white sage that can enrich your life, we’ve picked out five of our favourite things about this incredible plant:

    1. Antibacterial properties – white sage helps to clear away nasty toxins and chemicals that we are exposed to throughout our day-to-day lives. It removes bacteria from the air, as well as keeping fungi and viruses away from our living or working spaces.  
    2. Allergic relief – symptoms caused from exposure to dust, pollen and mould can be alleviated by white sage, as it releases negative ions which neutralise positive ones.  
    3. Spiritual enhancer – white sage induces a sense of calm and feelings of peace to significantly improve your overall well-being. Traditionally, it has been used to provide guidance throughout spiritual impasses and assist with meditation. 
    4. Relieve stress – white sage can stimulate receptors in the brain, as it is bountiful in compounds that help to reduce stress and elevate mood levels.  
    5. Improve sleep – the same compounds that reduce stress can also have an effect on your quality of sleep. Research has suggested that white sage can ease insomnia and soothe anxiety.

    How do I burn white sage or smudge a space?

    The blissful aroma and healing properties of white sage can be used to purify a room, your body, or even objects like furniture or jewellery. The scent will work just as well whether you’re using a smudge stick or hand-rolled incense.

    Here's how to smudge a room with white sage:

    • Light the sage so that it is gently smoking.  
    • Walk or fan the incense around the room.  
    • Feathers have been traditionally used to direct the smoke around a room, however this is optional.  
    • If you have respiratory issues, let the smoke clear from the room once you have finished burning the sage. The healing properties will still take effect even after the smoke has dissipated. 
    • It is also a good idea to leave a window open when smudging a space so that the negative energies can escape.  
    • When burning white sage, keep in mind that these practices are sacred to the ancient cultures of the Americas and should be treated with respect.

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    When you purchase incense from The Hippie House, you have peace of mind knowing we only source our products from ethically sourced and environmentally sustainable suppliers. We hold deep respect for these ancient traditions and hope that you can enjoy the benefits of these spiritual plants.  

    We’re proud to stock a wide range of white sage incense and smudge sticks from the best brands in Kamini, HEM and Satya. We also stock Palo Santo wood, incense sticks and essential oils.

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    If you have any questions about white sage or smudge sticks and their benefits, feel free to reach out to our friendly support team!


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