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Biobizz Nutrients%2C Additives And Regulators

May 15, 2019 8 min read

Biobizz Products

Biobizz® is one of the top companies that produce formulas that are designed to create a healthy and eco-friendly crop. Their products include substrate enhancers, liquid fertilizers and potting soil. Their products include a wide range of growing needs and enhancers that are completely biological. Since 1992, Biobizz has successfully assisted growers of all types of plants without the use of harmful, artificial chemicals.

Helping our planet’s ecology

Biobizz® has dedicated itself to one main philosophy. That is to ensure growers have the best quality products that take our planet’s ecosystems into consideration. They do with without the need for growers to invest heavily when it comes to spending money on their crop’s production. This places the highest quality and eco-friendly products well within the reach of the average grower.

The science of protecting the earth

Before we present a product to be sold, we employ the most intensive research possible that is designed to develop what we offer. Consistency is the key to produce formulas that you can always count on. This is also why Biobizz® guarantees your peace of mind and overall customer satisfaction. In addition, our customers can rest assured that choosing Biobizz® will help protect our planet from harmful chemicals.

Biobizz® originated in the Netherlands and currently maintains locations in; Spain, North America, England and France. This provides growers, throughout the world, the ability to use Biobizz® products.

Biobizz pH Regulators


As one of the newest member of the Biobizz® family, Bio·pH- has been designed to accommodate the organic farmer. It is a citric acid water-based solution that contains the citric acid found in fruits such as oranges and lemons.

It’s essential that your crop has the correct pH in order to allow your plants to absorb the greatest amounts of nutrients. With this formula, growers will have the ability to quickly adjust their crop’s substrate, without adding chemicals that would destroy their soil’s micro-life.

This product has been formulated to work perfectly in conjunction with Biobizz nutrients. Therefore, it can be utilised during each watering session. It can also be used for both the growth and flowering periods.

Why Biobizz Bio·pH-?

This product can be utilised during both the flowering and growing periods and during each watering session. It’s also compatible with every other Biobizz product.

This 100% organic product has also been designed without the use of strong acids, which can harm the substrate’s micro-life. It assists in keeping your growing efforts completely organic.


As one of the newest member of the Biobizz® family, Bio·pH+ has been designed to accommodate the organic farmer.

Biobizz Bio·pH+ has been formulated from a humic acid base that has been obtained wholly from natural sources. This accommodates the grower who wants to keep their entire growing process organic from start to finish.

Growers know that having the correct pH is essential for their plants to absorb the maximum nutrients. By using this organic product, a grower can quickly alter the pH without damaging the substrate’s micro-life.

Why Bio·pH+?

Bio·pH+ is designed to be utilised during the entire plant’s life cycle – from the growing through the flowering periods. It can also be used during each watering session and it’s compatible with all other Biobizz products.

It is also designed not to harm the substrate’s micro-life and assists the grower with completely growing their crop organically.


All growers would like healthy flowers that will lead to an excellent crop. Fortunately, for them, we have an organic fertilizer that is designed to do just that. This product has been formulated to contain the perfect mix of potassium, phosphorous and nitrogen. It also includes the necessary amino acids and enzymes. All of this has been designed to create a completely organic product that will work in harmony with your growing medium.

Biobizz has also added vegetable-based trace amounts of hormones and elements that will provide you with a more vigorous plant with stronger stems and healthier flowers.

Bio·Bloom’s nutrient content:

Both phosphorous and potassium will help the plant’s flowers to grow. In particular, the potassium helps to initiate the plant’s flowering by constantly working with the plant’s natural bio-rhythm.


This is a liquid fertilizer that can be used with most substrate and soil mixtures. Its primary base consists of completely organic extract of Dutch sugar beet (aka vinasse). An organic fermentation process is responsible for turning sugar cane or sugar beets into sugar. While the sugar’s starches have enzymes added in order to produce glucose. This, along with additional plant nutrients, will produce an excellent food source that is used by the soil’s microbes. The increased soil microbe levels will then provide a richer, more productive growing medium.


Biobizz has created a particularly effective North Sea organic fish emulsion that has been combined Dutch sugar beet extraction. The Dutch sugar beet serves to accelerate your crop’s growth process and increases the production of helpful microorganisms and bacteria. This will then occur in all types of growing medium, from basic soil to substrates that are coco-based.

Biobizz products also benefit from strict organic farming practices. Because of this, acids are not used in the extraction process. Neither are they stabilized with the use of BHT, which is a synthetic preservative. 


It’s well-known that stress-free plants produce the best crop. Alg·A·Mic™ is the solution for growers who have run into a situation in which their plants are suffering from; temperature fluctuations, disease, nutrient deficiency or overfeeding. It will also stimulate the plant’s chlorophyll intake, which helps to produce green leaves that obtain the necessary energy from light sources.

Alg·A·Mic™ Extracts:

Going all the way back to 3000 B.C., people have used seaweed for fertilizer, medicine and food. Alg·A·Mic is composed of an organic, high grade concentrate of seaweed that has been obtained from cold pressing and not through artificial chemical solvents. The crop’s entire spectrum of nutritional needs is therefore met, which produces healthy, robust plants.


Root·Juice™ is made entirely from organic vegetable products that are perfect for organic farming. It combines both seaweed and high quality humic acid. This will provide for excellent root growth as well as the supporting environment of your plant’s roots.

From your plant’s very beginning, Root·Juice™ will make sure that your plants are able to support the absorption of nutrients at a faster rate. Because of this, your crop will be stronger overall and thus provide for a higher quality harvest.


Root·Juice™ is made entirely from organic vegetable products that are perfect for organic farming. It combines both seaweed and high quality humic acid. This will provide for excellent root growth as well as the supporting environment of your plant’s roots.

From your plant’s very beginning, Root·Juice™ will make sure that your plants are able to support the absorption of nutrients at a faster rate. Because of this, your crop will be stronger overall and thus provide for a higher quality harvest.

Using Top Max: 

Top·Max™ is most effective during your crop’s flowering cycle. It is also designed to work extremely well with other Biobizz mixtures that improve your substrate. During the plant’s initial first weeks of growing, you should use 1 ml. per each litre of water used. Before your crop’s flushing, close to the time of harvesting, you can then increase your dosage of Top·Max™ to 4 ml per litre and follow the included feeding chart in order to achieve the best results.

Top Max Humic And Fulvic Acid Content:

Top·Max™ gets its effectiveness from the humic acids that it contains. These come from a substance known as Leonardite, which has been around for many centuries. It actually is derived from prehistoric vegetation and trees that came about during the carboniferous period, which occurred approximately 300 million years ago!

The fulvic acids that Top·Max™ contains encourage robust flower growth. These come from humate deposits that can be found at a deep level within the earth. It provides a natural electricity charge which will attract minerals and nutrients that can be found in added organic fertilizers and soil-based microbiological organisms. Both the fulvic and humic acids serve to boost the plant’s overall energy in older plant’s cells as it promotes the formation of newer cells.


Bio·Heaven™ contains scientifically selected organic plant stimulants such as amino acids. Amino acids are the basic building blocks of enzymes and proteins, which are necessary for a plant’s metabolism and structure.

Because of this energy booster, your plants will be able to eliminate toxins and improve the translocation and effects of the nutrients that are found in fertilizers and foliar sprays. It will support the anti-oxidant system of your plants as well as assist its production of chlorophyll.

Using Bio Heaven:

Bio·Heaven™ can be utilized during every stage of your crop’s development. It can also be used with any type of soil substrate, hydro systems or coco mix. When utilizing Light·Mix® or All·Mix®, you should begin with 2 ml. and then increase to 5 ml. for each litre of water used. A growth schedule chart is also included.

The Benefits Of Heaven:

Bio·Heaven™ will stimulate the absorption of nutrients and enzyme activity. It will also increase the chelate of necessary micronutrient and macronutrient. In turn, your plants will retain more moisture along with less stress from humidity. It will also provide an excellent source of carbonic acid for your soil’s microorganisms. This can provide a larger and higher quality yield.

Acti ·Vera

Acti·VeraTM is a product that has been created to boost your plant’s immune system. It also serves to increase the absorption of nutrients and increases metabolism.

When considering aloe vera, one thinks of; skincare, beauty, detoxification, cleansing and anti-bacterial properties. Thus Biobizz decided to take into account these properties and apply them to plants. After extensive research, an effective combination of different ingredients were added to the extract of aloe vera in order to produce Acti·VeraTM.

The main difference between Acti·VeraTM and other Biobizz products is that Acti·VeraTM comes directly from a plant as opposed to the sea or the ground.

Using Acti-Vera:

Acti·Vera™ is a versatile product that can be used either outdoors or indoors and on any type of plant during either the flowering or vegetative cycles. You should use 5 ml. for each litre of water that you allow your plants.

The Benefits Of Acti-Vera:

Acti·VeraTMwill strengthen your plants while supporting their health externally and internally. It does this by increasing your plant’s metabolism, germination and strengthening the immune system. It enhances the plant’s nutrient absorption by breaking down sugars. In addition, it’s completely organic and is derived from vegetable sources.


Leaf·Coat™ is a simple, ready-to-use Biobizz product that will strengthen and protect your crop when it comes to harmful leaf fungi and insects. It’s created from latex, which had been developed in order to stop moisture evaporation. As such, it creates a self-degradable, permeable barrier on a plant’s leaf that will allow for light and air to pass through.

Using Leaf·Coat :

With Leaf·Coat™, you don’t need to mix it with any water. You use an atomizer to apply it right from the bottle. You then spray the flowers and leaves and then repeat this treatment 2X per week until 2 weeks before the conclusion of your crop’s flowering cycle. Once the plant has been sprayed, a thin (1.5 microns) layer will form in about 2 hours. After 2 weeks, the layer is decomposed naturally by either sunlight or artificial light.

The Benefits Of Leaf·Coat :

Once the surrounding air becomes too hot at 28ºC and the humidity is too high, Leaf·Coat™ stops the excess evaporation of water. The natural latex coating prevents your plants from losing valuable water (“sweating”) without interfering in its breathing. Afterwards, when the temperature decreases, Leaf·Coat™ will help your plants by the maintenance of your crop’s leaf temperature. This is especially helpful during winter months.

Leaf·Coat™ can serve as an organic pesticide that is friendly to the environment. It is completely safe and will lower the costs by reducing the need for expensive pesticides. It also avoids the toxic odors that can come with using artificial and toxic pesticides. It also won’t interfere in the taste of the plants.

Top Biobizz Picks

Top Max

For Large flowers and buds.


Great all round organic bloom and flowering nutrient.


Great source of organic plant stimulants. 

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