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016 Foliar Spray | Mildew + Bud Rot Treatment | 1L

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016 Foliar Spray | Mildew + Bud Rot Treatment | 1L

As an advanced grower, you know that plants not only breathe in CO2 but also require oxygen through their root zone for optimal growth. That's where 016 comes in.

What is 016? It's a fungus killing water produced by combining water, electricity & minerals. This powerful solution is created using advanced scientific technology that stabilizes oxygen molecules in water, providing a readily available supply of oxygen to plants.

Benefits of using 016 include enhanced water properties, improved nutrient uptake and outstanding results.

How to Use 016:

  • For the root zone: Add 1ml per 1L of water to your return watering system every 3 days, or hand water with 1-10ml per 1L every 3 days.
  • As a foliar spray: Mix 20mls per 1L of filtered water and spray once per week over affected areas until the problem subsides. It may also be used as a preventative measure.

Caution: Although 016 has not shown any detrimental effects on plant growth even with higher dosages, it's recommended to trial on a small section first to achieve the desired result. Unlike hydrogen peroxide, 016 is pH neutral and has long lasting effects without any adverse affects on the skin.