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15CM Smudge Sticks | 2 Pack

15CM Smudge Sticks | 2 Pack

Elevate your smudging rituals with our 15CM Smudge Sticks 2 Pack. Each pack contains two longer-than-usual but thinner smudge sticks (Salvia apiana) from the USA, each measuring 15cm in length.

Experience the powerful cleansing properties of USA Smudge as you ignite the sticks to purify your space and invite positive energies. These smudge sticks are thoughtfully packed in eco-friendly cellophane, demonstrating our commitment to sustainability.

Immerse yourself in the captivating essence of these unique smudge sticks, specially selected to enhance your spiritual practices. Embrace the conscious choice to indulge in their transformative benefits while supporting a greener world.

Transform your ambiance and elevate your smudging experience with our 15CM Smudge Sticks 2 Pack. Discover the magic of these sacred tools as they accompany you on your spiritual journey to clarity and harmony.