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CO2 Dry Ice Extraction Kit

CO2 Dry Ice Extraction Kit | 2 Bag Set

The Dry Ice Extraction Kit includes the following components:

  1. 220 micron 20 L Screening Bag: This bag is designed for capturing larger trichromes during the extraction process.

  2. 120 micron 20 L Screening Bag: This bag is intended for collecting smaller trichromes, providing you with a range of particle sizes for your extract.

  3. Full-Color Photo Instruction Guide: A detailed guide with images to help you understand and follow the extraction process effectively.

  4. 10 L Mixing Bucket Set: This set likely includes a 10-liter mixing bucket along with any necessary accessories for mixing your materials and conducting the extraction.

  5. T-Press: The T-Press is a tool used for compressing and compacting the extracted material after the extraction process. This helps to further separate the trichromes from the plant material.

Please note that Dry Ice (CO2 in solid form) is not included in the kit. You will need to purchase Dry Ice separately, which is readily available from various suppliers, including BOC Gas, Gas and Gear, Supagas, and other retailers. The price for Dry Ice typically ranges from $5 to $10 per kilogram and can be found in most towns and cities across Australia. Dry Ice is a critical component of this extraction method, as it provides the necessary cold temperature for trichrome separation during the extraction process.