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Decarb & Infusion Cooker | Butter + Oil + Tincture Machine | Multifunctional

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Multifunctional Decarb & Infusion Cooker | Butter + Oil + Tincture Machine

Introducing our Multifunctional Decarb & Infusion Cooker – Your Ultimate Kitchen Companion for Crafting Perfect Butter, Oil, and Tinctures blends!

Unlock the full potential of your culinary creations with this powerful and versatile cooking marvel. Boasting an impressive 800W heating element and a robust 150W motor, our cooker is designed to elevate your kitchen experience. Compatible with 220-240V AU plug, this device ensures seamless operation for all your cooking needs.

Key Features:

  1. Overheat Protection: Safeguarding your cooking process for worry-free operation.
  2. Premium Build: Crafted with 304# Stainless Steel + PP for durability and a sleek aesthetic.
  3. Smart Automation: Equipped with a micro-computer system and automatic working mode for hassle-free cooking.
  4. High-Performance Motor: A powerful and durable motor resides inside, ensuring efficient and consistent results.
  5. Boiled-Dry Protection: Enhancing safety by preventing potential dry boiling issues.
  6. Versatile Functions:
    • Butter: Create rich and flavourful butter effortlessly.
    • Oil: Infuse oils with your favourite herbs and spices for gourmet results.
    • Tincture: Craft herbal tinctures with precision and ease.
    • Decarboxylate: Activate the full potential of your herbs for enhanced potency.
    • No Heating, Clean Function: Choose this option for blending without heating, maintaining freshness and purity.
    • Adjustable Temperature and Time: Customize your cooking experience with easy-to-use buttons.
  7. Double Layer Protection: Ensuring an extra layer of safety for worry-free cooking adventures.
  8. Generous Capacity: With a capacity ranging from 0.6L to 1.2L, our cooker accommodates your varied cooking needs.
  9. Base Heating, Stainless Steel Cabinet: Offering efficient heating and a stylish, durable exterior.
  10. Compact Dimensions: Product dimensions of 220*167*330mm and colour box dimensions of 250*245*360mm make it a perfect fit for any kitchen.

Elevate your cooking game with our Multifunctional Decarb & Infusion Cooker – the essential tool for every culinary enthusiast. Order now to revolutionize your kitchen experience!