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Deep Water Culture System - Oxypot Single

Deep Water Culture System | Oxypot Single | 19L Tank

Oxypot hydroponic systems are known for producing massive yields without the use of a timer and with hardly any media.

The system works by using mesh pots in which the roots grow through into a misting chamber filled with nutrient solution. The air pump constantly oxygenates the solution, providing the roots with constant access to water, nutrients & oxygen. This results in exceptionally fast growth.

The misting chamber holds 19 litres of nutrient solution meaning that there is no need to visit the plants daily as the solution is always available for the plants to use. Additionally, this system only needs 1 liter of clay pebbles making it easy to handle.

It is important to note that it is impossible to saturate the plants in an Oxypot system. The roots only take up what they need when they need it. To ensure optimal growth it is recommended to keep the misting chamber topped up. It is also impossible to underwater the plants as the solution is always available to them.

When using an Oxypot system, it is important to leave the pump on 24/7 as the plant's roots need constant access to nutrient solution and oxygen. 

For plants grown under lights it is important to keep an eye on the nutrient levels. Over time, the EC of the solution may rise. To address this, it is recommended to top up the pot with half strength nutrient solution, check EC and add extra nutrient if required. It is also necessary to adjust pH level and perform a complete solution change every 2-3 weeks, depending on plant size, water quality and hardness. By following these tips and tricks you can ensure maximum growth and yields from your Oxypot hydroponic system.

What's included:

  • [1] x 19L 35CM x 35CM Tank
  • [1] x Aqua One Air Pump
  • [1] x 50MM Ceremic Airstone