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Large Hydroponic Drip System | Wilma Extra Large 4

Large Hydroponic Drip System | Wilma Extra Large 4 | 90cm X 90cm

The Wilma Systems are an innovative solution that combines the convenience of growing plants in pots with the advantages of automated, timed feeding. Manual watering on a daily basis can be a hassle and can also lead to problems such as overwatering and overfeeding.

The Wilma Systems use a recirculating hydroponic drip-feed system that is compatible with a variety of growing media. For optimal results, we recommend using clay pebbles with the Wilma pots. Clay pebbles provide aeration for the roots and limit the maintenance required compared to absorbent media like soil.

The Wilma Systems allow for regular and consistent watering and feeding resulting in increased growth and higher yields. It is also a great option for those looking to transition from soilbased gardening to hydroponics. The pots provide a familiar aspect of soil based gardening while introducing the benefits of hydroponic feeding.

The complete Wilma kit includes a tank, tray, pots, pump, delivery system, flood drippers, arrow drippers and easy-to-follow instructions for setup.

Wilma XLarge 4 Features:

  • Flood and arrow drippers to suit all growing needs
  • Versatile and can be used with virtually all growing media
  • Combines simplicity of pots with benefits of automated feeding
  • Interchangeable pot sizes for effortless replanting


Please Note: This kit does not include any clay pebbles. You will need approximately 72L of clay pebbles to fill up the 4 pots.

System Dimension Pot Options Tank Volume
Wilma Large 4 75 x 75CM 4 x 18L Pots 50L
Wilma XL 4 90 x 90CM 4 x 18L Pots 70L
Wilma XXL 5 115 x 115CM 5 x 25L Pots 150L
Wilma Wide XL 8 190 x 90CM 8 x 18L Pots 180L
Wilma XXL 8 115 x 115CM 8 x 18L Pots 150L