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Spiritual Sky Perfume Oil - Frankincense (New Formula)

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Spiritual Sky Perfume Oil - Frankincense - 8.5ml Bottle

*From the beginning of 2020, Spiritual Sky unfortunately were forced to make changes to their frankincense perfume. We stock the new formula as the older fragrance is no longer able to be sourced.*

Spiritual Sky perfumes have been proudly bottled and sold in Australia for over 40 years. This frankincense oil is one of our most popular perfumes thanks to its lovely scent and long lasting fragrance.

Spiritual Sky perfumes calm the mind, body and spirit, providing a soothing aroma that lasts all day. All you need to do is dab or drop or two on your pulse points, such as your neck, wrists or temples.

With over 21 different fragrances available, chances are you'll find your next favourite perfume here. All Spiritual Sky perfumes are made with natural ingredients and contain no animal extracts making them completely vegan friendly!

About Spiritual Sky Oils

Initially based in Central NSW, Spiritual Sky now operate out of South East Queensland. Sourcing their oils from many manufacturers throughout Australia and the world, each perfume is subject to thorough testing for fragrance and quality assurance before being made available to customers. Although exact ingredients for products aren't publicly available, you can be assured all perfumes and oils are of the highest quality when dealing with Spiritual Sky. Bottled with pride in South East Queensland, you'll love these incredible perfume oils.