Sensen Submersible Water Pump - 4500L/h

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100 Watt Sensen Submersible Water Pump -4500L/h With 4.5 Meter Head

Sensen is a leading manufacturer of remarkably dependable and reasonably priced submersible water pumps. Sensen are exceptionally durable and exceptionally reliable submersible water pumps made precisely for the hydroponic and aquatic industries. Their superb quality impellers come with ceramic shafts which make the pumps suited for use in high salinity environments. 

Sensen Submersible Water Pump - 4500L/h Specs: 

Model: HQB-4500
Voltage: 240VP
Power: 100W
H-max: 4.5m
Output: 4500L/h
Weight 2.7kg
Dimensions (LxBxH) : 175 x...


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