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The Hippie House is an online hippie shop that sells hippie products worldwide but mainly targets the Australian and New Zealand Public.. as we are located in Australia - common sense really right?

We love being hippies and selling hippy products. We're always finding awesome new hippy gear to sell so it's worth checking back now and again to see our new products. Or to make things easy you can sign up to our newsletter and we'll send you monthly updates and you'll be able to keep up with all our new products that way.

Being hippies ourselves, we aren't greedy. So with this being said, you will always get a bargain when buying from us. All the hippy shops that have shops have expensive rents and leases, so they have to mark up their products. The Hippie House only sells online so we can sell all our products at a much cheaper price as warehouses are much cheaper than shops. If on the off chance you do find a product that is cheaper than ours, please do let us know and we would be happy to beat their prices.

We try our  best to source as many handmade products as possible. We love handmade products as they've been made with love and haven't just been pumped out of a factory. 70% of our incenses are hand made - we find they burn better, smell better and when buying them you are supporting an artist - not a company that's just in it for the profits. For example our Tibetan hand made incense are made from a family in Tibet - so when you buy them you are actually putting food on their table - not dollars in some companies bank account.

We are also extremely environmentally conscious about how our company operates. We do as much as we can by using as much recycled packing as possible, recycle our rubbish and other various other actions in place to leave our footprint as small as possible. We also donate to local charities - if any products that have minor defects or for some reason we are unable to sell it they get donated to lifeline or the red cross.

If we all leave the world a better place than when we got here, then we all win right?


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