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The Best Hippie Shop - Over 5000 Awesome Products In Store

The Best Hippie Shop

If you live in Australia and are looking for a place where you can get natural products, The Hippie House is the right place for you. The Hippie House is an online site that was designed to cater to the specific needs of hippies and those who prefer using natural products. The Hippie House is owned and operated in Australia.

The Hippie House came into existence when a man who had lived with unknown hippies decided to start a hippie shop where people could get hippie products when they needed them. Most people know him as 'Moses' and he is essentially known as the prophet and creator of the hippie house. Everything else is a continuation of his work.

Once you log on to the Hippie Site, you will find different types of products. Among them, you will find oils, incense, perfumes, herbs, herbal extracting and storage equipment, dream catchers, crystals, hemp and hemp related products and many others. They only stock high-quality products ensuring that customers only get the best. They always try to improve the products they have by ensuring that they are manufactured using the right methods. Any products that are sourced from other countries have to undergo random sampling tests to ensure that the quality standards are maintained. They always research on a supplier before allowing them to deliver their products.

Here is a breakdown of the products you will find on the hippie site.

Herbal products

The Hippie Housestocks a wide variety of herbal products. These include extracting equipment, herbal crèmes, lotions and other herbal products. These products are made using the finest herbs that are safe for use. Herbal products have been known to be effective in their use and are healthy with little or no allergic reactions to the user. They are recommended for use to avoid people having allergic reactions since they are usually mild. The hippie site is always looking forward to adding new products to their collection. Customers who do not find what they are looking for should send them an email so they can be assisted.

Hemp products

Hemp has been used for many years for various purposes. It is increasingly gaining popularity among people in the world due to its effectiveness. Hemp products are also liked because they are all natural and contribute towards preserving the environment. They are mild but extremely effective and can be used for different purposes by the user. They come in a range of products that includes shampoos, balms, creams, oils, soaps and much more. They have many health benefits to the body, and no harmful products are used in making these products.


At The Hippie Store, they also want to take care of your home. They have many décor products for customers to put in their homes. You will find dream catchers, tapestries, salt lamps, incense holders; custom made wooden boxes and many other décor products. Their products are unique and are made using the best materials. The décor products are ideal for those who want to add a hippie feeling to their homes. Customers who go to the hippie site will find that they are adding new products that are better each time giving them a wide range to choose from. The Hippie Site has different products that will add a sense of style to the customer.


Getting the right incense is important especially for those who want to meditate. It helps keep the mind relaxed and the house will have a distinct scent. Incense is also known to keep bad things away making it important to all hippies out there. You will find a wide selection of incense to choose from. They stock premium incenses they source from across the globe and deliver it to you. They have a wide range of incense including dhoops, incense cones, smudge sticks, incense sticks as well as burners. They only stock reputable brands that are known for their high-quality products. These include Kamini and Satya that are known for their Nag Champ across the world. To support workers in third world countries, they also import incense from India and Tibet. Most of the incense is sold in bulk to customers. Buying incense in bulk ensures you constantly have incense in your home, and you also obtain it at lower prices.

The Hippie House sell their products at affordable prices making them easily attainable by customers. They not only sell to customers within Australia but also sell to customers globally. They have warehouses in Brisbane and Townsville in Queensland. The warehouse at Brisbane works fast to ship products to international customers, and they are working towards expanding the warehouses to ensure better packing and delivery services. They have fast shipping services for their customers around the world and quick delivery for those in Australia.

Their products are randomly and regularly tested to ensure that they are of high quality. These all natural products are approved by the relevant authorities and customers who use them do not have any issues with them. Customers who react to different chemicals are advised to try their products since they are hypoallergenic. The Hippie Store is a store that is there to cater for the needs of hippies and other new age people.

The employees at The Hippie House are very friendly and are quick to answer any questions and concerns customers might have. If you do find a product in the store, you can write an email, and they will respond addressing your concern. The Hippie Store is always looking to improve their products and services and appreciate customer feedback on how to serve them better. The products ordered by clients are delivered while in their best condition making sure customers get what they pay for. The Hippie Store stocks products that are meant for the comfort and enjoyment of their customers. If you are looking for hippie products, you should log on to the hippie site and browse through their products. The Hippie House is the best online store that caters to the needs of hippies.