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The Hippie House is a hippie warehouse and shop which is located in Townsville, Australia. We are the home of hippie and sell a various assortment of hippie and hippie related products. We only stock quality products and work closely with Australia Post to ensure a speedy delivery for all our customers.

We stock a wide range of products – to list a few -handmade incense, incense burners, perfumed oils, essential oils, massage oils – scented and unscented, dried herbs, herbal mixes, oil burners, dream catchers, coned and stick incense, smudge sticks, zodiac and wish kits, herbal storage and herbal grinders, vaporizers, hookahs, shisha, magical butter and so much more.

We aim to be the biggest and best hippy shop online and stock the largest range of hippie and hippy related products. We’re always adding new products – for example this week we added a hemp range to our shop. We now stock hemp protein, hemp oils, hemp soaps, hemp lotions, hemp creams, hemp wicks – for safely igniting any smoking material, hemp lip balm and a few other hemp products.

So if you’re an olden day hippie or a new aged hippie – we’ve got you covered. We promise you the best prices, fast shipping and amazing service. This will ensure you’re a happy camper when shopping with us. We are here to help and understand the importance of good service. So if you’ve got any questions feel free to send them through and we will get back to you asap and will help where we can.

What the difference between an olden day hippie and a modern day hippie? Not much. Basically in the late 1950’s a large part of the population did not feel they fitted in society. They felt their lives were planned out for them – the men working and the women bearing children. Plus the growing war in Vietnam meant young men were being drafted when in fact they wanted peace and personal freedom.  These factors created the great hippie revolution.

They bonded with drugs – cannabis and LSD mainly, free love (casual sex) and opened their minds to the beauty of the world. The also connected with music concerts such as Woodstock. The general clothing was also a lot different with baggy somewhat boho clothing being worn; and flowers as accessories.

The modern day hippie is pretty similar. They feel a little distant from today’s society which is so robotic and censored.   You can’t take a shit without the government watching you. You can’t talk to your friends without being recorded by facebook which then sells your information to third parties like the CIA. BRING BACK THE FLOWER POWER!

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