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Star Anise Essential Oil

1X 12ml Bottle - 100% Supreme Quality Essential Oil  - STAR ANISE - Illicium verum
Therapeutically, star anise is a sedative oil and is valued for its soothing, relaxing properties. It is a useful oil to use in massage or vaporizers to achieve a comforting sense of calm.
Star anise is particularly beneficial to the digestive system, for the relief of distressing symptoms such as hiccups, flatulence, stomach cramping, colic and indigestion. It can be used in massage blends for this purpose and massaged gently over the stomach and abdomen.
In steam inhalation, star anise oil is an effective expectorant so helps clear excess mucus from the airways, and also does much to soothe coughs and colds.
In general massage or in compresses the oil will relieve muscle cramping and can also be used to treat joint and muscle stiffness and aches and pains.
Star anise has very similar properties to the oil that is distilled from the herb Anise Seed, but as Anise Seed is a dermal irritant and not recommended for home use, star anise is a safer alternative, provided that it is well diluted. It is not recommended, however, for bathing.

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