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Ladies Leather Notebook Journal - Bird Cage

Ladies Leather Notebook Journal - Bird Cage Design

Product Dimensions: 9x13H cm
Product Material: Leather, Paper

Notebooks are an important element in our everyday life - whether it is to hurriedly write down an address or phone number or to make that all important entry of a detail that you would hate to forget and you need to keep it all handy - what better way to keep such information safe than inside a leather bound notebooks that comes in the most handy of sizes. At 13 cm in height and 9 cm in width, it makes for an interesting little addition to your bag , the kind you would want to show off for its lovely smooth finish, its neat design and great quality of paper. It will be that quintessential companion when quick note taking is expected from you. Place it in your bag and use the notebook when jotting down those essential details matter to you. The diary will be your companion through travel and through all kinds of meetings. A pink ribbon will help you find your important page of reference. The note book possesses a certain charm that comes from it having this lovely image of a tree with colorful birds and a far away cage.