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SMSCOM Smart Controller With NTC Temp Sensor- 6.5A

SMSCOM Smart Controller - 6.5A - Includes NTC Temp Sensor

The SMSCOM Smart Controller is a compact ventilation controller in a plug housing. Electronically controlled, the SMSCOM smart controller provides a simple and accurate method for the keeping your grow room at an optimum temperature

Utilising motion flow technology, the SMSCOM smart controller continuously regulates the correct speed for your fans and reserves the right temperature. The smart sensor technology continuously measures the temperature of the room and regulates the fan speed accordingly, keeping your plants happy and reducing electricity bills. The maximum current is 6.5 amperes.

SMSCOM Smart Controller features:

  • Plug and play – no wiring necessary
  • Very smooth fan speed adjustment
  • Prolong the life of your fan.
  • Reduced power consumption.
  • Max. current: 1500W (6.5A)