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May 12, 2016 2 min read

Kamini Perfume Oils

Are you sick of the aluminium and other associated health risks that deodorants and chemical based perfumes permit? Switching over to natural perfume oils is a great solution as they are made from natural ingredients such as essential oils and other organic materials. 

Kamini is a well known Indian company that has a worldwide reputation for producing premium products like incense and perfume oils. They're extremely popular in Europe and have now started to gain recognition and a name in Australia and America.

Their perfumed oils have a wonderful fragrance and come in heaps of different flavors and scents. Along with their amazing fragrance they also come in beautiful little bottles that make a fantastic accessory in the handbag or can be used as a little bit of decor in the bathroom. 

All you have to do is dab a little on your wrist or neck and the fragrance will last all day. It will also make you stand out in the crowd as majority of people use mainstream perfumes. People under estimate the power of smell. Scent causes a chemical reaction within the brain and is usually associated with certain memories. Certain smells and scents can bring back memories of people, places and animals. Have you ever known someone who had a certain smell or used a certain perfume - Then after a few years smelt the same scent and instantly the memory of that individual came rushing back? Or perhaps you've walked into a kitchen and the same recipe that your mother used was being cooked? All those memories from when you were young come flooding back. 

So please don't under estimate the power of smell. Unique perfumed oils are a powerful tool and can make you a 'one in a million'. 

Kamini make a few different types of perfumed oils from the every day perfume oil to the premium grade perfume oil - the XXX range. There's over 25 different fragrances; I've created a short list of the most popular kamini fragrances below to give an overview of the different types:

  • Dragons blood perfumed oil
  • Patchouli perfumed oil
  • Silk road perfumed oil
  • White sage perfumed oil
  • Aphrodisia perfumed oil
  • Jasmine perfumed oil
  • Black opium perfumed oil
  • Frangipani perfumed oil
  • Frankincense perfumed oil
  • Lavender perfumed oil
  • Musk perfumed oil
  • Night Queen perfumed oil
  • Passion Potion perfumed oil
  • Rose perfumed oil
  • Sandal Wood perfumed oil
  • Strawberry perfumed oil
  • Vanilla perfumed oil
  • Ylang perfumed oil

If you're interested in trying a natural perfume oil and escaping the chemicals in mainstream deodorants you can view an awesome range of perfumed oils at our website:



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