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May 12, 2016 2 min read

A Little About Dream Catchers

A Dream Catcher is a handmade, woven, willow hoop or a loose net/web. It is then decorated in various forms ; example - with feathers or beads. It is often hung within a bedroom or a car to capture bad energies or dreams – a near failsafe attempt to keep good energies within your sleep or when you are unconscious.

The native American’s believe that in the night the sky is filled with dreams which are both good and bad. When the dream catcher is hung near you or over your bed it catches the dreams as they drift past. The good dreams pass through the dream catcher while the bad ones get caught within the web. This ensures the bad dreams perish and the person asleep only encounters the good dreams.

Dream catchers originated with the Ojibwe people and were later adopted by neighbouring nations and are now a worldwide product/commodity. Certain cultures often trading them for goods – that’s how useful dream catchers are.  Some people consider dream catchers as a symbol of unity among various nations and a must have in each and every home.

The Ojibwe people (dream catchers inventors) had an ancient legend about a spider woman who took care of the land and people. Eventually the legend spread to neighbouring countries and so the creation of dream catchers began – dream catchers filtering out all bad dreams and only allowing good thoughts to enter the mind and subconscious. “once the sun rises all bad dreams disappear”

In summary dream catchers work for millions of people around the world as the belief is there. Once the belief is created, the subconscious accepts the idea of the dream catcher capturing the bad dreams – and once the mind believes, then so shall it be.

This is why we sell dream catchers. We believe they help, and have first-hand experience.

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PS – if you’ve got a child or baby that has trouble sleeping. Try purchasing a dream catcher from us. We’ve had multiple accounts where children have trouble sleeping and once a dream catcher is set up they sleep through the night like a baby.

So don’t be afraid of the concept – dream catchers definitely help. They look cool, they’re super helpful and it’s been proven over and over again for thousands of years that they eradicate bad dreams and nightmares.

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