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May 12, 2016 5 min read

What Is Incense and where does it come from?

The word incense is Latin which branches from the word ‘incendere’ which in short mean’s ‘to burn’.

It was used by the ancient Egyptians for pragmatic and mystical capacities. Incense was burnt to counteract or obscure malodorous products of human habitation, but was widely perceived to also deter malevolent demons and appease the gods with its pleasant aroma. To this day Incense resin balls are still found in in ancients temples.

What is incense?

Incense is a biotic material which when burnt releases a scented fragrance. It’s commonly used in ceremonies in certain religions to induce a spiritual significance. Most commonly in this day and age Incense is used to overcome unwanted smells, repel insects and meditation.

Incense itself can be made from a variety of different materials. In modern times majority of incense is made in a factory in a mass production. However in ancient times and still in some third world countries incense is handmade by local ingredients. For example sage and cedar are used by the indigenous peoples of north America. A lot of these villages and 3rd world countries use it as a trading commodity.  

At the hippie house – we try our best to source as much handmade incense as possible. We find it has a better scent, is made from purer/healthier plants and ingredients and is just a better overall product. We stock handmade incense from Tibet, India, Japan, China and various other countries.


What types of Incense does The Hippie House stock?

We stock a huge range of commercial made and handmade incense which we source from all around the world and sell directly to the Australian and New Zealand public. We have hundreds of different brands of incense as we find each supplier makes their product to a certain ‘taste’. We also understand that each individual has their own ‘taste’ – so with this method each buyer can find an incense they’ll fall in love with when shopping with us, at The Hippie House.

On top of incense flavors, we also stock a wide range of different incense types. Such as incense sticks, incense cones and  smudge sticks. We’ll explain a little more about smudge sticks down the track. To start with we’ll explain the difference between incense sticks and incense cones.

Incense sticks:

Incense sticks are made by wrapping the scented incense around a small stick. It is then light on the tip and it burns to the other tip. This kind of incense is typically the most common type. It’s widely used by the Australian and New Zealand public and can be found in majority of the households around the globe. Often to avoid the ash left overs, or to void leaving a mess while burning most people buy incense holders which catch the ash and makes clean up easy. We sell multiple incense holders as well – they come in brass, soapstone and the most sold ones are wooded.

Incense Sticks also have heaps of different sizes, lengths and thicknesses. We take this into account with pricing to ensure our customers don’t get ripped off or are felt out of pocket when purchasing incense from us.

Incense Cones:

Incense cones are very similar to incense sticks – except they are in a cone. The tip is burnt and the incense smoulders right down to the bottom. We find these make a lot less mess than the sticks, but are a little less popular than the scented incense sticks. If you’re after incense cones and prefer them over the incense sticks – don’t fret, we stock a huge amount of incense cones as well.

We also stock an awesome range of incense cone holders and burners so you can get all your incense cone needs at one place. We are here to help J

..You mentioned smudge sticks before?

What are smudge sticks?

Smudge sticks are a bundle of dried herbs which are bound with a kind of rope or string. They are generally burned as a part of a ceremony or ritual. A lot of cultures such as North and South Americans, Tibetan, Australian and Indian’s use smudge sticks in their religious ceremonies.

Generally speaking they are traditionally used as a purification but are also known to be used to bless people, houses and other surrounds – as a sign of respect or to rid of spirits. An example of a place where people burn smudge sticks would be a hospital – where a lot of bad energy resides. Or you could have an elder come to your house and burn them to cleanse the house and get rid of any unwanted energies and spirits.

At The Hippie House – the hippie warehouse (shop) we stock an awesome range of different smudge sticks. Most of our smudge sticks are made in Australia – so if you buy smudge sticks from us you are supporting the Australian economy.

Incense Burners + Ash Catchers:

To accommodate your incense purchase you can easily purchase any of our incense burners and ash catchers so your incense burning doesn’t create any mess. Just add it on your order and we’ll ship it all together for you so you get all your incense needs at once… after all there is nothing worse than a messy house or a house full of incense ash – so a incense burner and catcher is a must.  

We stock a great range of wooden and brass incense burners. Our wooden ones are the most popular and are extremely affordable. They suit any house hold and are a beautiful décor accessory. They come in multiple sizes and heights. So if you would like a wooden incense boat box or a incense tower we can get it sorted for you. Just check out our stock. And if wood is not your thing our golden brass incense burners and ash catchers are also just as amazing. Our brass incense burners come in multiple sizes and shapes so you can rest assure that you’ll find one you fall in love with.

We also stock soapstone incense burners, some with beautiful elephants as the eye catcher.


So if you’re looking to buy any sort of incense, whether it be incense sticks or incense cones or incense smudge sticks – we stock it all. We have the best prices on all incense products, and if you find it cheaper at another shop let us know and we’ll be happy to match/beat their prices.


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