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About House & Garden Hydroponic Nutrients

February 28, 2023 5 min read

About House & Garden Nutrients

House & Garden Nutrients is a fertilizer solution that has won several awards for producing top quality harvests. It is manufactured in small batches in a zero waste facility located in Humboldt, California. House & Garden is highly valued globally by advanced cropping facilities for its purity and clean composition. Originally founded in the Netherlands three decades ago, House & Garden is now used in over 30 countries by licensed medical facilities, universities, commercial farmers & home gardeners who appreciate the superiority of its premium product.

William Van De Zwaan established House & Garden in 1990, drawing from his lifelong experience in the horticulture industry. He was raised in the renowned Van De Zwaan rose production glasshouses; known globally for their exceptional quality and aroma. The Vatican even acknowledged their contribution by issuing a decree thanking them for supplying the Vatican with their unique carnations.

House And Garden Nutrients

House & Garden made a significant move in 2015 when they relocated their research scientists and manufacturing facilities to California. This was done to be closer to their primary consumer base in the United States of America and Canada. By bringing Dutch expertise to the agricultural hub of Humboldt County, House & Garden propelled itself into the modern agricultural era. They refined their formulations to enhance the purity, stability of organic compounds and maintain their reputation as the worlds finest fertiliser for producing cup winning plants. House & Gardens zero waste facility in Humboldt is equipped with cutting edge ceramic filtration systems and premium blending manufacturing technology to guarantee perfect quality and consistency in every single batch.

Want to try some in your garden?

If you are looking to purchase House & Garden Nutrients in Australia, look no further than us - The Hippie House. We are proudly the most reputable retailer for this premium product and ship Australia wide via Australia Post and Aramex. House & Garden is a cup winning  (a big deal) fertilizer which is why we love and use it ourselves.  As a trusted retailer of House & Garden we can provide you with the assurance that you are purchasing a top quality product, receive fresh batches and have them stored in a dark cool place at all times.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it necessary to provide plants with distinct nutrients during the vegetative and flowering stages?

With House & Garden nutrients, there's no need to worry about providing different nutrients for the vegetative and flowering stages. Our nutrients are substrate-specific, meaning that our two-part A/B nutrient is ideal for use from seedling to harvest. Our A/B nutrients are formulated for use in coco, soil, and various hydroponic crop production methods. You can adjust the NPK ratio of your fertilizer by using our potent additives, such as Top Booster during the flowering stage to increase the PK ratio when it's most needed. When using our substrate specific base nutrients, the crucial thing is to measure your EC (conductivity) to ensure that your plants are receiving the correct amount of nutrients for their particular growth stage.

If you are using potting mix, what type of product should you use?

For those using potting mix, we recommend using our Soil A/B base nutrient which is suitable for various soil types and mixtures. We also strongly advise against using generic potting mix from hardware stores as these blends are often not customized for heavy fruiting plants and may contain unwanted pests and diseases. It's crucial to avoid introducing such substances into a controlled environment or tent. We prefer using substrates such as coco coir or peat-based mixes.

Is it necessary to use all of the nutrient bottles?

It ultimately depends on the specific crop and garden you have. House & Garden nutrients are designed to provide a complete solution for heavy fruiting/flowering crops by utilizing both mineral and organic components found in various bottles. Our base nutrient contains highly pure chelated minerals and humic/fulvic acids while our additives and stimulants contain vitamins, minerals, enzymes & organic amendments to enhance and steer crop growth. The complete House & Garden range can help achieve cup-winning results when following our feeding guidelines. You can find the entire range at affordable prices in our "Starter Kit," available by clicking here.

Do I use Shooting Powder and/or Top Shooter?

Both Shooting Powder and Top Shooter are the same uniquely formulated PK (Phosphorus and Potassium) boosters. Shooting Powder is in a powder form while Top Shooter is in a liquid form. They are potent PK boosters designed to encourage rapid floral growth in the final stages of reproduction. Do not use both products at the same time & reduce your A/B Base Nutrient ratios when using this powerful product. Shooting Powder/Top Shooter may have varying effects on different cultivars so always start with a lighter dilution to observe how your crops respond. These products contain no harmful chemicals, synthetic hormones or PGRs :)

What’s the difference between Aqua Flakes A/B and Hydro A/B?

Aqua Flakes A/B and Hydro A/B are both intended for hydroponic systems that use inert substrates such as rockwool and expanded clay. However, they differ in terms of nutrient uptake and pH stability. Aqua Flakes A/B is designed for recirculating systems ensuring stable pH levels and evenly absorbable nutrients for up to two weeks in an aerated solution. Hydro A/B, on the other hand is specifically formulated for run-to-waste or drain-to-waste systems. It stabilizes pH levels more quickly and provides nutrients for immediate uptake. Although both are suitable for DWC Aqua Flakes is generally preferred for these systems. 

Is there PGRs in House and Garden Nutrients?

Absolutely not! PGR (Plant Growth Regulator) generally refers to synthetic hormones or chemicals that are utilized to artificially modify plant growth. This can include altering cellular structure, flower density or physiological features such as plant height or stem size. However, using these products may result in decreased quality of the flowers as it slows down the production of terpenes and flavonoids. In addition most PGRs are highly toxic to humans. Recent research has revealed the harmful effects of these chemicals. It is highly recommended to avoid any suspicious looking fertilizer bottles especially those that contain substances like paclobutrazol, daminozide and chlormequat chloride.

What water should I use?

Water quality is crucial for your garden and testing the EC and pH levels of your water is important. Tap water is generally okay to use in some areas but in others, such as Adelaide, it may contain hard water which can impact plant growth. Tank/rainwater can be too soft and may require the addition of carbonates to stabilize pH levels (we suggest using a half-dose of pH Stabilizer). However, Reverse Osmosis (R/O) water lacks necessary ions to harmonize with base nutrients. If using R/O water adding pH Stabilizer at a rate of 1mL/L before adding base nutrients and additives is recommended. For thorough testing consider sending a water sample to a testing laboratory to determine mineral content and prevent potential issues in the future.

Can we just use the base nutrients for our grow and not any of the additives?

Certainly! Our A/B base fertilizers are widely regarded as some of the best in the world. Some growers have achieved great results by using just the base formula to keep things simple. However, to truly maximize the potential of your crops and cultivars our additives and stimulants are essential. Our nutrient program is a comprehensive solution for the entire life cycle of the plant from seedling to vegetative and reproductive stages and incorporates biological compounds to aid in these transitions. While the A/B nutrients will help your plants perform we encourage you to bring out the best in your garden by utilizing our full range of products.

Is H&G Vegan and Gluten Free?

Yes And Yes

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