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About THC Hydroponic Nutrients

February 28, 2023 7 min read

About THC Hydroponic Nutrients

THC® is a brand that offers high quality nutritional products and growing media which are made and owned in Australia. The company is known for its continuous research, development & testing to ensure that their products are the best in the market, making them The Growing Benchmark. The THC® brand was born out of a passion for horticulture in the 80s and has since become a popular choice for professionals, hobbyists and commercial growers including the Department of Agriculture. The family founders, along with Dutch and local Bio Chemist Co., have developed exceptional plant nutritional formulas using only the purest minerals and organic compounds resulting in products of the highest quality.

The THC® brand has formulated their additives with great care to provide an enhanced effect to their already superior base mixes providing growers with an added advantage.

The base nutrients and additives from THC® are known for their high concentration making them a cost effective option for growers. Compared to regular nutrient brands THC® products can be up to five times more concentrated. However it is important to follow the provided dosing schedule which is tailored to the specific growing media, plant type & liquid column. Monitoring water quality and pH levels is also essential for optimal results.

THC® liquids are subject to rigorous quality control analysis and assurance through laboratory and field testing. Each batch undergoes independent testing and is supplied with a unique certification number to ensure quality control and consistency.

THC® nutrients are produced under license by a Dutch Horticultural Company and are available in 1, 5, and 20-liter sizes. The nutrients are proudly made in Australia and are considered The Growing Benchmark due to their exceptional quality and performance. Choosing THC® is a great way to ensure that your plants receive the best possible nutrition for optimal growth and yields.

If you're interested in trying THC nutrients for your hydroponic system you can purchase them directly via us, The Hippie House. We always ensure we carry fresh batches, have them stored in dark cool places within our warehouse and ship quickly and discreetly via Australia Post and Aramex. Click the link below to grab some today: 


THC Hydroponic Nutrients

THC Coco Run Down:

THC® has developed COCO A+B, a scientifically formulated nutrient solution that maximizes yields for coco substrate growers. This nutrient blend contains a balanced combination of the finest main and trace elements resulting in superior performance and bigger yields. The advanced combination of grow and bloom nutrients in one A&B mix makes it user friendly delivering fast and effective results. THC COCO A&B is enriched with high levels of essential minerals such as Calcium, Magnesium & Boron. These minerals play critical roles in plant development, cell strength and division, chlorophyll production & fruit set. THC COCO A&B is a complete plant food that improves growth, size, taste, colour and flavour. For optimal performance it is recommended to use THC COCO A&B with RHP certified substrate in a run-to-waste system.

THC Grow Run Down:

The THC® GROW A+B is a high performance two part liquid nutrient designed for professional plant cultivation in hydroponics, cocoponics, soil or substrate using recirculating or run-to-waste methods. The formula consists of carefully balanced main and trace elements to promote lush and fast growth, healthy plants, large green vigorous shoots & high quality crops for both professionals and novices. The THC GROW A&B is highly concentrated and contains pure organic Fulvic acid, a powerful electrolyte that increases nutrient uptake, energizes cells, enhances plant health and performance. The formula also chelates trace minerals, enhances cell division, delays aging, releases tied up minerals, improves photosynthesis, detoxifies medium pollutants, stimulates beneficial bacteria, improves moisture storage, builds brix levels & reduces wilting. THC GROW A&B is ideal for achieving rapid growth and root development and the formula is enriched with high quality organic compounds that enable plants to absorb nutrients quickly and effectively resulting in enhanced growth, size, taste, colour, and flavour.

THC Bloom Run Down:

THC® BLOOM A+B is a two part horticultural liquid nutrient designed for professional plant cultivation in hydroponics, cocoponics, soil or substrate using the recirculating or run-to-waste method. The product is carefully formulated with a balanced blend of the finest main and trace elements to achieve excellent yields, improved aroma, healthy and vital plants and highest quality for professionals and novices alike. THC BLOOM A+B is highly concentrated and contains pure organic Fulvic acid, a natural electrolyte that increases nutrient uptake and enhances plant health and performance. The product has numerous benefits including increasing nutrient uptake, energizing cells, chelating trace minerals, enhancing cell division, delaying the aging process, releasing tied up minerals, improving photosynthesis, detoxifying medium pollutants, stimulating beneficial bacteria, enhancing germination and root strike, improving moisture storage, building brix levels & reducing wilting.

THC Rhizo Shield Run Down:

RHIZO SHIELD by THC® is a natural microbial product made partly from plant extracts. It is an eco friendly, nontoxic and safe solution for plant protection. RHIZO SHIELD helps plants resist biological contaminants such as bacteria, fungi, algae and viruses. It controls and prevents various diseases and sterilizes plant roots resulting in healthier and stronger plants. Please note that RHIZO SHIELD does not stimulate beneficial bacteria growth. Aditionally, RHIZO SHIELD can be used as a concentrated spray to remove fungal outbreaks and sterilize equipment between crops. 


 Prevents and treats plant diseases, maintaining plant health and vitality 

Conditions the root zone and builds stronger plants 

Acts as a sterilizing agent 

Induces resistance to several common crop diseases such as powdery mildew, leaf spot and root rot 

Cleanses and rejuvenates plants and roots

 Provides resistance and a cure against pathogens 

Suitable for use in soil or hydroponics

Acts as a micro-cleanser and improves overall plant health 

Contains no harmful chemicals 


 PREVENTION: Use 1ml per litre of nutrient solution during the growth and flowering phases. 

CONTROL: Use 2-4 ml per litre of nutrient solution for 7 to 14 days. Repeat if necessary. RHIZO SHIELD may initially produce foam but it will dissipate over time and has no adverse effects on plants.

THC Silica Run Down:

THC® SILICA is a liquid potassium silicate in a completely soluble organic form. Silica is a crucial element that offers many benefits such as enhancing cell wall strength. By using SILICA plant stems become stronger and more vigorous. SILICA also helps to counteract the negative effects of excess aluminum, sodium & manganese. Additionally, SILICA increases chlorophyll production and enhances plant growth, leading to higher yields and better quality. By creating a resilient outer cell wall layer SILICA produces an armor like effect resulting in fewer fungal colonization sites, less plant palatability & reduced lodging. THC SILICA is produced in Australia using natural certified organic elements. 

 Benefits of using THC SILICA include increased chlorophyll production, stronger stems, higher brix levels, improved plant growth and enhanced quality. Furthermore, SILICA reduces lodging, decreases plant palatability and lessens fungal colonization sites.

THC B-52 Run Down:

THC® B-52 is a plant tonic that boosts plant respiration, growth rates, stamina, energy and flower production through its unique blend of elements. The tonic contains a balanced blend of B vitamins that have a direct beneficial effect on plants including the creation and use of carbohydrates to boost energy levels. By supercharging your regular nutrient solution, B-52 provides maximum performance and is the ultimate building block for strength, health and potency. Its unique blend of elements also influence the root zone environment to improve development making it ideal for propagating and transplanting plants. B-52 has been proven to improve the health and development of unhealthy or poorly developed plants.

 BENEFITS: Revives plants under stress / increases resistance to heat, cold, and stress / strengthens roots for better nutrient uptake / protects against diseases / improves survival rate of cuttings and seedlings / boosts plant immunity and strength / maintains healthy metabolism / stimulates root growth and cell replication / improves nutrient absorption / increases floral production and harvest / boosts enzymatic activity.

THC Roid Run Down:

THC® ROID is a highly effective flowering enhancer that boosts the size, quality, weight and potency of plants, resulting in numerous fruits and blooms, tighter harvests, and enhanced sweetness, taste and flavour. It contains a perfectly balanced blend of pure pharmaceutical grade P2O2 and K2O which are essential for plant metabolism and directly affect the flowering process. As a powerful and concentrated formula, ROID is quickly absorbed by plants for superior flowering results. THC ROID is made from ultra pure materials making it the strongest PK on the market. 


 Increases weight and size of fruits and blooms 

Boosts yield and quality 

Accelerates the flowering process 

Tightens harvest 

Enhances sweetness, taste, and flavour

 Instantly absorbed and distributed by the plant for rapid and effective results.


THC® EKSIT is a booster agent specifically designed for the final stage of flowering that can increase yield by up to 30%. By triggering an additional bloom swell at the end of the natural flowering cycle EKSIT can produce heavier and larger fruit while also stimulating oil and terpene production. The special formula contained in EKSIT is applied to plants at a later stage of the flowering cycle, just prior to harvest to enhance ripening, yield & potency. Made with organic ingredients and derived from natural minerals EKSIT is PGR free and can deliver superior produce to growers. With EKSIT you can unlock the full flowering potential of your favorite plant and achieve amazing results. 


 Optimizes harvest weight 

Triggers extra bloom swell 

Improves taste and flavor 

Maximizes resin and terpene production 

Increases yield amount 

Delivers full flower potential 


Instantly absorbed and distributed by the plant for rapid and effective results!

THC Reskue Run Down:

RESKUE is a plant treatment solution that targets the root cause of Chlorosis, nutrient deficiencies and stress related illnesses. It is developed to address nutrient deficiencies that cause Yellow Plant Syndrome and can be used with any hydroponic media. RESKUE dissolves quickly and easily into nutrient solutions and works to revive plants suffering from a range of stress related issues such as wilting, drooping, yellowing & root damage. The THC Plant RESKUE formula is designed to rush chelated iron, calcium, zinc, nitrogen and other vital nutrient elements into plant cells providing fast acting healing power for plants to recover quickly. It is an effective solution for treating Chlorosis which is caused by a lack of Chlorophyll.

 RESKUE can be used as a foliar, an additive in soil or hydroponic solutions but it should not be applied under direct sun or HID lights. 

For hydroponics, add 3 ml per 1 Liter of nutrient solution to correct moderate deficiencies and 5 ml per 1 Liter of nutrient solution for severe deficiencies for 7 to 14 days. Repeat as necessary. For regular feeding, add 1 ml per 1 Liter of nutrient solution to increase the concentration of essential elements in your solution. 

For foliar use, mix 2 ml with 1 Liter of water and use good application practices. Repeat after one week if necessary.

 In summary, RESKUE is an effective solution to revive and treat plants suffering from various stress related issues and nutrient deficiencies and it provides fast acting healing power to promote quick recovery.

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