Bamboo Clothing - 7 Incredible Benefits

Bamboo Clothing - 7 Incredible Benefits

Imagine a fabric that’s comfortable, breathable and soft on your skin. It keeps you warm in winter as well as nice and cool in summer. It even supports eco-friendly lifestyles, coming from a sustainable and renewable plant source. Sounds too good to be true, right?

Welcome to the world of bamboo clothing! If you’ve never had the pleasure of wearing bamboo socks or undergarments, you’ll be amazed at the wide-ranging benefits of these alternative clothing options. They feel great to wear and your body will thank you for it too.

At The Hippie House, we’re huge fans of all things bamboo. Read on for some of our favourite things about bamboo clothing.

Is bamboo Fabric sustainable?

Bamboo has been cultivated in China for thousands of years. While not traditionally used to create clothing garments, recent advancements in technology have allowed bamboo to be utilised as a textile fibre.

Bamboo can grow up to 20 metres high in only three months. When fully matured, bamboo has a tensile strength comparable to that of mild steel, making for a strong and hardy fibre. At The Hippie House, we only stock garments that are made from matured bamboo of at least four years. This ensures the highest quality product as well as safeguarding the sustainability of the cultivation of these wonderous plants.

How are bamboo fibres made?

When bamboo has reached a suitable maturation, it is harvested and taken to mills to be treated in preparation for making garments. Sodium hydroxide and carbon disulfide are utilised throughout the process to help dissolve bamboo cellulose and regenerate fibres.

If you get a little squeamish at the mention of chemicals, you needn’t worry. Sodium hydroxide is widely used in cooking, giving pretzels their much-loved taste and crispiness, while carbon disulfide breaks down when exposed to the elements.

After being crushed, washed, bleached and dried, the fibre is spun into a tough yet soft yarn. This is what makes bamboo garments so durable, lasting far longer than traditional clothing materials without fraying or wearing.

Our favourite bamboo clothing benefits

Now you know about how bamboo is harvested and turned into garments, it’s time to dive into the best things about bamboo clothing!

Goodbye smelly feet.

If you’re someone who suffers from foot odour, then bamboo socks are a must-try! You’ll no longer have to agonise over less than savoury aromas wafting from your feet thanks to a unique anti-bacterial agent found in bamboo fibres known as “bamboo kun”.

Teaming up with the molecular structure of bamboo, “kun” resists the growth of bacteria that causes your clothes and body to develop unpleasant smells. Free from chemical treatments that irritate your skin and are harmful to the environment, bamboo garments offer a natural solution to pongy body odour.

Cool in summer, warm in winter.

It might sound crazy, but bamboo garments keep you cool in the summer and warm in winter with a process called thermal regulation. This refers to your body’s ability to maintain its core internal temperature, keeping you in a healthy state of equilibrium no matter the weather. 

Less wash, more wear.

Thanks to bamboo’s unique anti-bacterial properties, you’ll get more wear out of your garments without the need for a wash. This helps to save on energy costs as well as a longer lifespan of your clothes, free from the strain of being over-washed.

Women's bamboo briefs

Made from 95% bamboo, these briefs offer a smooth and comfortable feel as well as all the added benefits of bamboo garments!

Soak up the sweat.

Bamboo fibres are a moisture-wicking fabric, meaning they absorb moisture from the skin to prevent bacteria build up. This keeps you comfortable all-year-round, whether it’s a humid summer’s day or a rainy night in winter.

Sensitive skin?

If you have a hard time finding clothing that agrees with your skin, then you’ll love the hypoallergenic properties of bamboo fibres. A chemical-free solution to skin irritation, the best thing about bamboo clothing is that it’s all natural. This can be especially helpful in the winter months when our skin tends to go dry and flaky from the lack of moisture in the air.

Dress for comfort.

Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too? With bamboo garments you get all the style of traditional clothing while treating your body to the most comfortable fabric out there. Bamboo fabric is even anti-static, making for a cling-less clothing experience!

Easy on the planet.

Apart from working wonders on your skin, bamboo garments are great for the planet. A truly sustainable option, supporting ethically sourced clothing is a great contribution to many of the issues facing our planet today. From harvesting and cultivation, to a lessened washing load and longer lifespan, bamboo clothing is an eco-friendly choice every step of the way. 

Ready to try for yourself?

If you’ve come this far then we’ll assume you’re ready to give bamboo clothing a go.  

At The Hippie House, we’re proud to stock ethically sourced and sustainable bamboo garments – good for you and the planet! We’ve got a wide range of bamboo socks, trunks and briefs to suit all body shapes and sizes. Browse our range of products below.


Bamboo Socks

Comfort and quality while supporting environmentally-sustainable clothing.


Men's Bamboo Trunks

These men's trunks are of the finest quality knitted fabric and finish.


Women's Bamboo Briefs

A smooth and comfortable feel as well as the added benefits of anti-bacterial and anti-odour properties.



If you have any questions regarding bamboo clothing and its benefits, don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team who can help you make the transition to a new world of comfort today!

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