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Can't Find grow lights at bunnings?

Every so often we get a question regarding the advantages of using grow lights and growing indoors. The thing that we tend to find the most amusing is that a particular home improvement company comes up in the discussion of grow lights.  That's right - Bunnings.

Now, it might seem like a logical “progression”, right? You know – home improvement – growing and gardening supplies – grow lights - Bunnings. And I know that a lot of people out there respect the quality and great service that Bunnings has to offer. But, there’s just one hitch. Bunnings doesn’t actually sell grow lights! 

But that’s okay. Here at The Hippie House we’re indoor growing experts and have plenty of expertise in grow lights. We also stock a great range of grow lights including HID (HPS, MH) ballasts, reflectors and bulbs as well as LED grow lights and fluorescent grow lights.

If you already have experience in growing indoors and hydroponics and just want to buy some grow lights simply click the link below. However if this is your first time growing indoors we recommending reading our article below before investing in grow lights as they can be a bit of an investment. This will ensure you get the right light for your garden the first time!

Buy LED Grow lights online at

The Hippie House

We stock and sell a range of high quality grow lights and ship directly out of Australia. We stock the leading brands from around the world to ensure your indoor garden thrives. 

What type of lighting to choose?

Choosing the right grow light for your plants is essential in having fast growth and a successful harvest.

There are three main type of grow lights including HID (HPS / MH), LED's and fluorescent. Each have their strengths and weaknesses. Certain lights are better for certain types of growth / plant life cycles. There's also lights made specifically for certain types of plants. Then you'll also need to take into account the size of your garden as buying a light that is too small will leave your plants stretching for light - which is not what a gardener wants! 

We've outlined the three different types of grow lights below with a list of pro's and con's. 

HID Grow Lights (HPS / MH)


  • Growing with HID lights gives growers great results in both vegetative plants and flowering plants.
  • Initial set up is generally cheaper than LED's
  • Wide range of lamps to choose from with different light spectrum's such as 2700K (flowering) and 6500K (growing)


  • Bulbs break and will need replacing every so often
  • They create a lot of heat which add ups in electricity costs as you'll have to run air-conditioning and multiple fans

LED Grow Lights

LED Grow Light PROS:

  • Emit little to no heat saving in environmental control costs
  • Certain models allow you to adjust spectrums, include dimmers and have remote control access
  • Standard LED's have 100,000 diode life spans
  • Provide exception results in both veg and flowering cycles

LED Grow Light Cons:

  • Initial cost is more
  • Be aware of cheap LED's on on eBay and Amazon which provide bad results. Don't buy an LED with outdated technology. 
  • Lower coverage when compared to HID


Fluorescent Grow Light PROS:

  • Great for seedlings and clones / cuttings
  • Low heat output
  • Cheap to buy
  • Cheap replacement bulbs

Fluorescent Cons:

  • You will not get good results with a flowering plant
  • Only recommended for certain vegetation 

What's our Pick / REcommendation?

Each garden, grower and situation is different. We generally recommend LED grow lights to the home gardener due to their reliability, good results and due to the low heat output. Having a light that emits little to no heat makes things a lot easier when trying to keep the room / grow tent in a nice stable temperature and humidity range. Especially in living in Australia!

However that's not to say HID grow lights or fluorescent aren't good. Fluorescent are great for small seedlings, clones and certain green vegetative plants. You'll commonly find these within commercial nurseries. You can also get compact fluorescent bulbs for flowering plants however we find you get better results with a HID or LED for flowering. 

HID also provide exceptional growth and yields. You'll find old school growers who won't use anything else. The only downfall in our opinion is they emit a lot of heat, require two separate bulbs for growing and flowering. Also then if you don't have a switchable ballast you'll need two separate ballasts, one for your HPS lamp and one for your MH lamp.  However - you do get some of the best results via HID so if you don't mind the downsides - HID is for you. 

Need help in choosing the right Grow Light?

Our indoor gardening and hydroponic experts are here to help. We help growers all over Australia get their hydroponic garden up and running. We help ensure you choose the right equipment so you get the best results. We also offer on-going support and try our best to help you if you ever get stuck. 


  • The Hippie House

    Hey Jake – Alex here from The Hippie House. I’m glad the article has helped you decide on which type of grow light to buy. And we do sell plenty of ventilation equipment as well and everything else you’ll need for your indoor garden. If you click the link below you can view our entire range of hydroponic equipment:


    I hope this helps. If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to reach out and we’ll gladly help where we can :)

  • Jake

    Nice post guys, helped me decide to get a led. I’ll place an order for a viparspectra soon once I’ve got my room set up. Also do you guys sell fans for ventilation?

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