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Bulk Incense Lots In Australia

Everyone loves walking into a home that has a beautiful aroma, no one can deny that. Not only does it relax you but it also brings a sensation of comfort and inspiration. Smell is one of the senses that people often, somewhat neglect - compared to sight, taste and sound anyway.  People underestimate scent. Have you ever smelt a fragrance or aroma and instantly a faded memory comes flooding back. It might be a certain recipe that your mother used to cook or the perfume of an ex lover. These memories - are why we at the hippie house love incense. 

We use a lot of incense ourselves and were stick of the small little packets of incense you get at the shops. So we decided to do something about it. We started importing bulk amounts of incense from India, Japan, Australia and other parts of the globe. We now sell bulk packets directly to the customer at reduced prices. So if you go through incense like it were nothing visiting our shop is a must .-

We stock the major brands of incense that are well known across the world. All our incense cones are sold in bulk packets of 120 cones. Our incense sticks are sold in single packets, 100 gram packets and 250 gram packets. We also offer certain customers who continuously purchase large amounts of our incense even further discounts. We appreciate loyalty :)

Lavender Nag Champa Incense Sticks


Nag Champa. Nag Champa is one of the most popular and beloved incense in the world. The incense is literally world famous which not many products become - this says a lot about it's quality. We stock almost all of satya sai baba (Nag Champa Manufacturer) incenses including Nag Champa, Super Hit, Super Sandal and the complete natural series. We offer both incense sticks and incense cones in the Nag Champa range,  however unfortunately the natural series is only available in the incense sticks.

To check out our Nag Champa Incense range click here

We also stock other several famous brands of incense. Such as Morning Star Incense from Japan. This is an amazing incense that is sold in 50 stick packets. This is one of the slowest burning incenses we've come across which says a lot about it's quality. They also include a small tile incense burner with each packet which is super helpful. Another popular brand of incense comes from Australia - Moondance Incense. Although moondance incense doesn't have the reputation of other incense brands, it is one of the best incenses we stock. The oil on the incense is so pure and heavy many people don't use other incense after using moondance incense. Better yet, we stock the entire moondance series which includes over 25 fragrances. 

We do also stock a large range of handmade incense from around the world including Tibet and India. These handmade incenses are extremely popular as their made from natural and pure herbs and botanicals. Our tibetan incense for example is made from 37 different plants that are naturally grown in the himalayan mountains.  These plants are collected and then hand rolled into incense sticks. There's no core in these incense sticks which allows the pure fragrance of the plants to come across which truly is a magical aroma. You can checkout all our handmade incense by clicking the link below:

Shop Handmade Incense

Along with our amazing incense range, we also stock an awesome range of incense burners, holders and ash catchers. We stock wooden, brass, laser cut and soapstone incense burners. You'll find a huge selection of different designs and styles so whatever your need you'll be sure to find one that suits your home. We even stock some amazing brass charcoal censers just like you see at the church or during religious ceremonies. If you're interested in purchasing an incense burner just click the link below to browse our entire range.

Shop Incense Burners, Holders, Charcoal Censers & Ash Catchers

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