Buy Smell Proof Baggies In Australia - Carbon Filtered - No Smell

Buy Smell Proof Baggies In Australia - Carbon Filtered - No Smell

Smell Proof Baggies - Be Stealth With Your Dealings!

At the hippie house we stock and sell a large selection of smell proof baggies. Made from carbon fibre these bags keep the contents smell from expelling from inside of the bag. The smell literally gets trapped inside.

This means you can run around with no fear of smelling whatever you're afraid of smelling like. Keep them in your car, pocket or even at home for the ultimate peace of mind. 

We offer a large variety of different sorts, which are sold in different sizes and quantities. We'll briefly discuss some of our favourites below:


Smell Proof Baggies - White

Cannaline are well known for creating some amazing herbal storage products including jars and smell proof baggies. These plain white baggies are sold in packs of 50 and range from 1/8 oz bags right up to 1 oz bags. These bags are resealable, smell proof, food grade, and puncture resistant.


Envelope Smell Proof Baggies

These stealth, inconspicuous envelope smell proof baggies have the exact same standards as dispensary bags, but are totally opaque so the contents are not visible. Again made by cannaline - These bags are food grade, airtight, foil lined and gusseted (for greater capacity) with a resealable zipper, tear notch & heat seal area…and off course are smell proof. 


Skunk - Smell Proof Baggies

Skunk Sacks are made to be the ultimate smell proof baggies. They're water-tight, odor-tight, and puncture resistant. Made with reinforced edges these bags are durable - to the point of having a triple pressed thick seal. The edges are extreme-sealed with an extra wide, triple pressed thick seal. 

4: Rasta - Camo - Tie Dyed & Stealth Smell Proof Baggies

Camo Smell Proof BaggiesStink Sack Smell Proof BaggiesPlain Black Stealth Smell Proof BaggiesTie Dyed Smell Proof Baggies (hippie)

These cool little smell proof baggies are sold in packs of 10 and come in 3 sizes and 4 different colours / designs. Totally smell proof, airtight and puncture resistant these baggies are perfect for anyone who wants to test out just how good smell proof baggies actually are. We're pretty sure you'll be more than impressed!

We also stock a great range of storage containers with hidden compartments like our fire extinguishers, beer kegs, magnetic safes, bolt stash spots and can stash safes. You can browse all our products mentioned in this post by clicking the link below:

Browse Herbal Storage Containers, Stash Cans & Smell Proof Baggies


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