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May 02, 2017 2 min read

C-vaults - The Ultimate Herbal Storage Container

"The World's Smartest Curing and Storage Container. No Thinking Required!"

If you love your herbs, cigars and tobacco and are serious about keeping them in optimal condition (fresh like the day it was harvested) a cvault is a must. Here at The Hippie House we take herbs very seriously and can't recommend C-vaults highly enough.

 C-vaults are made from a high quality stainless steel and are manufactured to ensure the perfect humidity is maintained - and most importantly on a consistent basis. The C-vaults together with humidity packs (we sell two types; 1. Boveda 2. Integra Boost) will ensure your herbs keep at perfect moisture levels which prolongs flavour, potency and freshness.  

With months of testing experts have come to the conclusion that the optimal humidity level ranges between 58-64%. Each individual, or herbal expert has their own desired humidity level however if you are new to C-vaults and humidity levels don't fret. As long as you get a Cvault container with a Boveda or Integra Boost humidity pack you can't go wrong.

Boveda Humidity PackBoveda Humidity Pack

Integra Boost Humidity PackIntegra Boost Humidity Pack


The cvault container design also utilizes space by allowing the humidity packs to be placed on the bottom of the lid as shown below. This allows the complete container to be filled without having to worry about the humidiccant packet damaging the herbs or trichomes.

If you're interested in getting yourself a c-vault container, humidity packs or any other cool herbal storage / care products you can click the link below to browse our full range. We are also always adding new cool herbal products from around the world so it's always worth checking in now and again.

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