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Sacred Scent Perfume Oils

Sacred Scent Perfumes Oils Gaining Much Love Across Australia

Sacred Scent perfume oils are a lovely perfume oil that are made with pure essential oils. Proudly made in Australia these great little perfume bottles are gathering much love not only in Australia but all around the world. 

As they are a natural perfume oil they are much safer and healthier when compared to traditional deodorants and colognes that contain chemicals and aluminium. 

Each bottle is 8.5ml and although this doesn't sound like much the bottle will last you much longer than you anticipate. All you need to do is dab a drop or two onto your neck or wrist and the scent will last all day. 

There are 24 different fragrances in the sacred scent range which gives each individual plenty of choice. We have customers who have used sacred scent perfumes for close to 10 years and refuse to use anything else. Here at the Hippie House, being an authorized re-seller we also can't recommend them enough. They are one of our favourite perfume oils and we place them right at the top with the Kamini Perfume Oils

Sacred Scent Perfume Oil Fragrances:


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